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1  russell, thomas (I5118)
2  holloway, robert (I5061)
3  heading, mary (I5043)
4  Family F580
5  Family F574
6 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F408
7  marion (I36)
8 Born about 1775 from the age given at her death. We do not know where she was born.She was married as Martha Martin to Joseph White or Waight at Highclere on 27 March 1795 and was said to be of that parish. A witness to the marriage was William Hidden (W013). Only a few days later on 5 April Joseph White of Highclere was buried. On Christmas Eve 1798 she married W013 who was evidently a friend of Joseph.
William & Martha had 4 children born in 1799,1801,1806 & 1808. The eldest child Letitia was bapt in Kintbury but the others were bapt in Speen.
She is described as 'my dear and beloved wife' in William's will in 1838.
In 1841 Martha was living in Ramsbury of independent means with Hannah Martin. Unusually for the 1841 census exact ages are given and Martha is 68, and Hannah 47. This enable Matha's birthdate to be calculated as about 1773. Martha is not born in the county (Wiltshire). Martha was buried in Ramsbury in 1846 aged 72 giving a birthdate of 1774. It is likely that Hannah Martin was buried in Ramsbury in 1847 or 1849 as she cannot be found in the 1851 census. There is a possible bapt for Hannah Martin in the adjacent parish of Hungerford in 1792, and it is possible that her father Edward Martin is a brother of Martha, but no bapt for Martha has been found in Hungerford. There is a possibkle bapt in Bishopstone, Wilts in 1772. 
martin, martha (I5350)
9 ex Royal Navy hidden, john richard (I1215)
10 J121 is the identifier used in HHv1for the eldest son of Edward (E083) and Alice. He is almost certainly the John who is administrator of his father's posessions in 1602.
The identifier J201 has been used in HHv2 for the John Hidden living in West Shefford 1596 to 1619. They are most probably the same person. For a discussion of this see HHv2 Chap2 and Chap5 
hidden, john (I53)
11 William & Sarah were married in East Woodhay (the bride's parish) in 1776. They had a dau Charlotte bapt in Highclere in 1778 and Sarah bapt there in 1780. Charlotte died in 1784 aged 6. Family F1816
12 "of Rehoboth" d/o Noah Sabin & widow Ruth Bliss Walker
according to Hid.Mem.p132 she married Ebenezer Hidden of Rowley. This is a mistake as on p91 the author has Edward married to Rachel Sabin
She could have remarried in 1792 at the age of 73 but this seems unlikely.
It is possible that Edward had a dau called Rachel. On taxation lists in Rehoboth 1759,1765,1769 and in 1765 attested to a list of members of the Anabaptist Society in Rehoboth (Boyer p8) 
sabin, rachel (I4208)
13 "of Rehoboth" His second marriage. His first marriage to Hannah Mason of Taunton 14 Nov 1720. She died 28 Nov 1723 sabin, james jr (I4200)
14 11 Louisburg Sq, Boston, MA hidden, marguerite (I4369)
15 1st marriage to william norris, 2nd marriage to john cumnor
hidden, ann (I5302)
16 1st w/o joseph (j029). Died in a lunatic asylum. They only had one child, Emma, who died at the age of 4. davies, margaret (I5406)
17 1st w/o joseph william hidden (j050) beedell, bessie (I5447)
18 2nd w/o bertram william lawrence hidden. Gave name as Hidden at marriage, but this is not her maiden name. margaret (I1151)
19 2nd w/o Francis William (F004). Was X041. Identified from 1901 census. The marriage took place in the 1st quarter of the year. They may have been on honeymoon at the census date brown, martha eliza (I1074)
20 2nd w/o john w m hidden urry, joan annie (I5163)
21 2nd w/o T013. At her marriage to Thomas Hidden she is described as Jemima Parkinson, widow daughter of Robert Sifleet. Wilfred (W182) is probably her son by her first marriage.
In 1851 she is employed as a servant together with her husband by Thomas Butler a landed proprietor living in Plumstead, Kent. Her son Wilfred is also living with them. Plumstead is in the Erith RGD.
In 1860 she was, with T013, a witness to the marriage of Thomas' daughter Lucy in Plumstead parish church.
In 1881 aged 91, she is living alone, still in the Erith RGD and is described as an annuitant.
Census Date: 1881
Census Place: Erith, Kent, England
Census Date: 1851
Census Place: Lewisham, Surrey, England
Misc. event Type: Witness
Misc. event Date: 15 APR 1860
Misc. event Place: Lewisham Regn Dist, England 
sifleet, jemima (I5396)
22 2nd w/o thomas henry (t018). No children in 1881 Census. After the death of Thomas Henry in 1888 she married William Wright in 1890 hunkin, lucy jane (I5666)
23 2nd wife of Charles (C018) knight, mary (I5407)
24 2nd wife of joseph hidden. Too young to have been the mother of emma(e015)
After Joseph's death in 1875 she carried on with the tobacconist business and is listed in trade directories from 1876 to 1879 
shorland, emma (I5380)
25 3 daus mentioned in will 1742 tull, thomas (I341)
26 6 children born between 1825 & 1832 in st geo hs parish Family F1742
27 628 Avenue G, Boulder City, CO hidden, percy jesse (I4488)
28 8 chidren born between 1854 & 1865 Family F1785
29 ? witness, hungerford 1804 barker, sarah (I726)
30 ?twin of jessie margaret. infant death hidden, winifred emily (I1073)
31 A bachelor. Left money to Yale University and to a Western College hidden, edward neblett (I4466)
32 a bachelor. Made money in NY real estate in conjunction with his nephew Charles Popham Hidden. hidden, thomas b (I4512)
33 A beneficiary in the will of his father Thomas Hedden (1815) who calles him his edest son, and leaves him a substantial estate. Married Elizabeth in 1840. In 1851 he was aged 49 and farming 250 acres at Goose Green in Lambourne. Elizabeth is living with him, but there are no children. He died in 1859 without making a will. Administration was given to his wife. No children are mentioned. There is a gravestone in Lambourne churchyard to commemorate him and his wife. hedden, orchard (I4930)
34 A beneficiary in the will of John Bonny of Kintbury in 1550 and by implication a young child. His date of birth is an estimate. He could be the same as the John Hidden living in Kintbury from 1569 to 1623 whom we have designated J151. hidden, john (I1925)
35 A brilliant scholar. Died of consumption aged 22 hidden, sarah (I4355)
36 A co-executor of her will and presumably a close relative is Sheila Annette Coussins of Reigate, but we don't know who she is
brooks, gladys bessie (I5146)
37 A coachman, he is said to have eloped with the daughter of his employer (priv com). This seems highly plausable in view of what we know of their later life. Maria was obviously well educated, and became a teacher at the local school.
Their only daughter was born in 1836 at Edenham, which was where Maria's father lived. Their 4th and last child Richard was born in 1838, but did not survive. In 1842 Charles had an illegitimate son Charles by another woman. Maria died in 1855 in the Bourn RGD which includes Edenham.
In 1860 Charles married Mary Knight 
hidden, charles (I5373)
38 A cripple from birth. In 1881 he is living with his parents in Stanmore, aged 15, but already earning a living as a grocer. In 1890 he married Alice Jackson, but in the 1891 census he is living at his brother Henry's house in Stanmore, and Alice is not there. In 1901 he is still in Stanmore working as a brewer's labourer. In 1911 he is still in Stanmore working as a groundsman for the Stanmore Cricket Club. Their son Edward is living with them aged 14, and attending school. Alice has had 2 children, one of whom has died. One might be Alice Mildred, the other Edward Living with Alice in Stanmore in 1936 heading, edward william (I2045)
39 a daughter- name unknown haslewood, female (I3848)
40 A deed dated 1809 identifies him as John Heading of Childrey, yeoman the brother of Frances Aldworth (deceased). His age of 90 years at his death in 1844 confirms his date of birth as 1754. No evidence that he married or had any children. In the 1840 census he is living alone except for 2 servants and is of independent means. His (rounded down) age is given as 85 years. He is the John Heading of Childrey mentioned in the will of Thomas Heading of Oxford (T086) who is the husband of John's sister Mary (M186) heading, john (I2928)
41 a graduate of Brown University in 1865 hidden, wilkins updike (I4335)
42 A Joan Hedinge was buried 2 days after the baptism in 1579 of Joan Hedinge the daughter of John. Another Joan was buried in 1580. It is likely that both the mother and the child died, but the register does not distinguish between them.
hidden, joan (I1766)
43 a male brother of Margaret who is the father of her neice Sarah Ann hall, john (I1641)
44 A man of strong opinions. Aug 20 1749 he said part of the sermon by Rev Moses Hale was false. His conduct voted disorderly. Forgiven 25 Oct 1750. In Feb 1750 [query date] again in disgrace. Admonished. Restored 29 Apr 1750. On 25 Jan 1765 Presbyterian church in Newburyport complained of him to the Rowley church., because of his "dangerous opinions" (Rowley church records) hidden, james (I4209)
45 A marine engineer. In the will of his aunt Alice (A008) as her nephew John Hidden. hidden, jack fuller (I5519)
46 A Mary Anne Cook (age 14) was buried in Corse in 1847
George Cook snr (odd job man) and George Cook jnr (gravedigger) were remembered by residents of Corse in 1976 (see recno 6153)
Jane Cook a farmer in 1841 census for Corse (see recno 6288)
John Cook is a farmer of 296 acres in Corse in the census of 1851 (see recno 7981)
Mary Ann Cook bur Corse 1867 aged 32 (see recno 6207) 
Family F1615
47 a slave property of Col Samuel Gretton hedding, elizabeth (I3876)
48 a slave property of Col Samuel Gretton hedding, catherine (I3875)
49 a soldier in King Philip's war. A minor (aged about 15) in 1726. Placed in the care of a guardian (Samuel Clark of Ipswich, who is his uncle). He seems to have written to the court himself requesting Samuel Clark to be appointed as his guardian. hidden, stephen (I4583)
50 A widow at the time of her marriage hidden, ann (I1892)

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