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john clydesdale[1, 2, 3]

Male Abt 1455 - Yes, date unknown

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  • Name john clydesdale 
    Born Abt 1455  [4
    Gender Male 
    Reference Number J258 
    Died Yes, date unknown 
    Person ID I88  Hidden | Descendants of John Clydesdale of Hungerford b. abt 1455
    Last Modified 10 Apr 2016 

    Family ,   d. Yes, date unknown 
     1. john hidden,   b. Abt 1485,   d. 1550, Hungerford Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 65 years)
     2. alice clydesdale,   b. Abt 1485,   d. Aft 1551  (Age ~ 67 years)
     3. roger hidden,   b. Abt 1495,   d. Yes, date unknown
    Last Modified 10 Apr 2016 
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  • Sources 
    1. [S1455] RO PRO State Papers, Recno:6785.
      [Recno:6785 Yr: 1493 Parish:kintbury Ref:no 957 ]
      IPM 9 hen7 (1493 AD) on possessions of richard chok esquire. Manor of avington, manor of denford, denford mill, six acres of meadow in denforde which john heddon now holds, worth 6s-8d held of the prior of poughley service unknown, manor of radley, dun mill near hungerford, land etc in shalborne

    2. [S783] Probate Abstract archd berks, Recno:10161.
      [Recno:10161 Edesc:will inv Date: 10 Apr 1526 ]
      william hayward of hungerford
      1) [register copy] will dated 8 february 17hen8 [1526]. testator sick in body, soul to almighty god and his mother mary and all the company of heaven.
      to be buried in the churchyard of hungerford.
      to the mother church of sarum 4d, to the high alter in the church of hungerford 12d.
      to the parish priest there 12d.
      and whereas i said william by my deed of feoffment made the day and year above written have given and do freely give to john lydsysdale to agnes my wife and to the heirs of the said john for ever more all my lands and tenements with their appurtenances in hungerford aforesaid or elsewhere within the county of berks as plainly doth appear in the said deed of feofment which john and agnes i ordain and make my executors and administrators of all my goods and lands there to fulfill this my last will and pay my debts as ye shall answer before almighty god at the extreme day of judgement and that 'detun' [determined] i will that the said john and agnes and the heirs of the said john enjoy the said lands with their appurtenances for ever more.
      witnesses: william byrde clerke, sir thomas wates, sir thomas oxnell clerke, january kryton constable of hungerford, john luflake, thomas bostrove and others.
      probate: before gaulfride phellippes official of the peculiar jurisdiction of hungerford 10 april [1526].
      2) [on dorse part of an inventory:]
      in the larder house:
      imprimis vi serving dishes, 2 winged dishes xxiiid
      Itm vi platters, a basin, xi potingers and i laten basen viiis iiiid
      item viii saucers, a salt cellar, a frying pan, a ladel and a laten landz(?) iis iid
      in the hall:
      Itm a cupboard, v candlesticks, a latten lan' and an andyre iiiis vid
      Itm a little bed,ii bolsters, ii pillows and iii coverings vs iiiid
      Itm ii forms and a stool viiid
      summa totall iii li xiis iid ob
      Probate: 1526

    3. [S781] Probate Abstract PCC, Recno:9944 (Reliability: 1).
      [Recno:9944 Edesc:will Date: 28 Jul 1519 Ref:PROB11/roll19 ]
      will of william cottesmore of brightwell baldwin oxfordshire
      In dei nomine amen. I will'm cottusmore of bawdwein brightwell in the countie of oxford beying of perfite memorie and hole mynde the xxv day of junii in the yere of oure lord god mccccc and xix make my testament and declare my laste will in forme follouying. First i bequeth my soule to almyghty god oure lady seint mary and to all the holy companye of hevyn. and my body to be buried in the channcell of the parysshe chirch of bawdewen brightwell aforsaid in the grave under the stone of sir john cottismore somtyme oon of the kynges justices and my greate grauntfader. Item i bequeth to the mother chirch of our blessed lady of lincoln vis viiid. Item i bequethe to the parisshe chirche of bawdewen brightwell abovesaid xs. Item i bequethe to the same chirche my black gowne of velvet withoute the furre. Item i bequeth to eu'y housholder in the towne of brightwell both poore and riche xiid. Item i bequethe to eu'y of my god children iiiid. After my dettes paid and contented i will and bequethe all my quyke catailles that i have in brightwell, chyssilhampton, and in the grove beside quateley brige in the countie of oxford to alice my wife and to my sonnes anthony, morgan, richard, george, thomas and roger and to the child which my wife now goeth with and is greate, and that the aforsaid catell to be equally devided and parted bitwix my said wif and my aforsaid childryn by the discrecion of sr water stoner knyght, thomas more, thomas lyntall, john goddisdale and robert lyver eu'y of my children and wif to have of the said quyke cataille lyke moche in value. And afore and after such particion made as is aforesaid i will that the said alice my wif have the custody kepyng and occupacion of the said cataill and the profyttes of them to hir own vse to the tyme that the childryn shall come to the full age of xxi yeres. And then my said wif to delyu'r to hym that then shall be of the full age of xxi yeris his porcon and such part as is assigned and lymettyd to hym by the said sr walter stoner and the other aforenamed. And so to be delyuered to eu'y of my said childryn theire cattall or the value therof in money or in such thynges as shalbe to them most necessarie when eu'y of them shall come to the full age of xxi yeris as above said. And if it shall happen any of my said children to decease afore he come to the full age of xxi yeris than i will that the cattaille assigned for his parte that is so deceased shall remayne to the said alice my wif. Itm i bequeth to the chirch of stodam a quarter of malte. Itm i will and bequethe to the chap'll of chyssilhampton oon quarter malt and to the reperacons of chyssilhampton brige vis viid. Itm i will that john lang my sur'te have vis viiid. Itm john baynton vis viiid. Itm to john stayner vis viiid. Itm i will that eu'y of my houshold su'ntes have oon shepe. Itm i will that my feoffes of and in my landes and ten'tes in the ile of wight stond and abide seased to the vse of my said wif alice and my brother thomas more for terme of x yeris next after my decease to this entent that the rentes reuenues issues and profyttes of the said landis and tenementes my said wif and brother shall receive to fulfill and performe the last will of my father sir john cottesmore knyght and the last will of me the foresaid will'am. And after the willes of my said ffather and of me the said will'm performed than i will that my said feoffees stande and abide seased of and in the said landis and ten'tes to thuse of my said wif and childryn duryng the aforesaid terme of x yeris and according to the couenantes specified in certein indentures made bitwene sir symond hercourt knyght and me the foresaid will'm cottusmore. Itm i will that my feoffes of and in my maner of bawdewen brightwell and of all other my landes in the town and ffildis of bawd'wen brightwell stond and abide seased to the use of my said wif alice for the terme of hir lyf. And after hir decease the said ffeofes to stond and abyde seased of and in the said man'r and landis to the vse of the heires of my body begoten. Excepte all such landis and ten'tes that i the said will'm purchased in the said towne of bawdwen brightwell of the which landis and ten'tes purchased by me the foresaid will'm in brightwell aforesaid or in any other towne village or hamlett where soeuer the said landis or teneme'tes be i will that my feoffes shal stonde and abide seased to the vse of my said wif alice for term of hir lyf. And after hir decease my said feoffes to stand and abyde seased to the use of my sonne richard and to the heires of his bodye lawfully begotten. And for defaulte of such issue to my son george and to the heires of his body lawfully begotten. And for defaulte of such issue to my sonne thomas and to the heires of his body lawfully begotten. And for defaulte of such issue to my sonne roger and to the heires of his body lawfully begotten. And for defaulte of such issue to the child with whome my wif now goeth and is greate. And for defaulte of such issue to the right heires of me the said will'm. Except certeine landis called drues within the lordshipp of bawdewen brightwell the which landis after xxi yeris next after my decease i will that my feoffes stond and abyde seased to the vse of oon john halley and to the heires of his body lawfully begotten reseruying and savyng to me the said will'm and myne heires landis of the fee the quyte rent goying oute of the said landis called drew landes except the said alice can aggre with the said john. Itm i will in all the premisses yf therre be any thyng putt in not according to the lawe that my said wif alice shall take what counseill she will at any tyme and make it to the effecte of the lawe, and after thentent of my mynde. And so doone to ordre all this my testament and last will after hir discrecion. Itm i bequethe all my goodis and cattalles not bequethed my last will fulfilled to alice my wif to dispose for my soule after hir discrecion. And of this my testament and last will with all ather thynges necessary to be executed for the welth of the soule of me the said will'm i the forsaid will'm by this present testament ordigne and make my afforesaid wif alice myn executrice soole and my said brother thomas more to be surveyor of this my testament and last will. I will that the said thomas for his labour and diligence of surveying have fyve marc of money.
      Thes beyng witnesses and present maister william ierlande parson of cuxham, sir john boothe parson of brittwell, thomas baker, john long, hugh smythe, cum aliis
      Probatum fuit suprascriptum testamentum coram dc'io apud lamhith xxviii die mensis julii anno d'ni mill'mio quingentesimo xix jurament johannis isarde procuratoris in hoc parte ac approbatum et insumatum et comissa fuit admi' stratio omi' et singulor bonoru' et debito dci' defuncti alicie relicte et executrici in hinoi' testamento no'i'ate im p'sona dci' procuratoris. de bene et fidel'ir adm'strand eadem. Ac de pleno et fideli inven'rio et c' consiciend. Et novis citra festum sci' barthi' app'li prox' futur' exhibend necnon de plano et vero compot' reddend et c' ad sancta dei euangelia jurat

    4. .
      From birth of children in 1485 probably born 1450-1460.