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Male Abt 1548 - 1623  (~ 75 years)

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  • Name john hidden 
    Born Abt 1548 
    Gender Male 
    Probate Will 1623  [13, 14
    Possessions Wit 1573,5 
    Reference Number J151 
    Residence Kintbury 
    Buried 4 Jun 1623  Kintbury Find all individuals with events at this location  [15
    Person ID I1764  Hidden | Descendants of John Hidden of Kintbury b. abt 1548
    Last Modified 11 Apr 2016 

    Family 1 joan,   b. Bef 1553,   bur. 12 Sep 1580, Kintbury Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 27 years) 
    Married Bef 1569  [16
     1. john hidden,   c. 18 Sep 1569, Kintbury Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown
     2. eleanor hidden,   c. 11 Nov 1571, Kintbury Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown
     3. dorothy hidden,   c. 12 Mar 1574, Kintbury Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown
     4. william hidden,   c. 4 Mar 1577, Kintbury Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown
     5. joan hidden,   c. 21 Jun 1579, Kintbury Find all individuals with events at this location,   bur. 23 Jun 1579, Kintbury Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 0 years)
    Last Modified 11 Apr 2016 
    Family ID F562  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family 2 margery,   b. Bef 1574,   bur. 21 Mar 1633, Kintbury Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 59 years) 
    Married Bef 1588  [17
     1. richard hidden,   c. 7 Mar 1588, Kintbury Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown
     2. elizabeth hidden,   c. 18 Nov 1595, Kintbury Find all individuals with events at this location,   bur. 1666, kintbury Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 70 years)
     3. william hidden,   c. 18 Feb 1599, Kintbury Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown
    Last Modified 11 Apr 2016 
    Family ID F563  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

  • Notes 
    • It is possible that J151 is the same person as the child who is a beneficiary in the will of John Bonny in 1550. However this identity has not been assumed and this child has been given a separate ID of J223.
      The parish register of Kintbury commences in 1558, but there is no Hidden/Clydesdale reference until 1569, with the baptism of John son of John Cleydesdale. Further children are baptised in 1571 (Ellenor), 1574(Dorothy), 1577 (William) and 1579 (Joan). None of these entries give the name of John's wife, but it can be assumed that this is Joan, as both child and mother die shortly after the birth of Joan. One Joan is buried in 1579 and the other in 1580.
      There are no more Hidden/Clydesdale baptisms in Kintbury until 1588 (Richard), 1559 (William) and 1559 (Elizabeth). Again the parish register does not give the name of the mother of these children, but we know from John's will that she was called Margery. In view of the 8 year gap between the first and second group of baptisms, we cannot be certain that the father is the same. However John makes a bequest to his son John in his will, and this corresponds to a son John born to his first wife and the absence of a son John born to his second wife. It will be assumed therfore, as working hypothesis, that they are indeed the same person.
      It should be noted that in ' Hiddens of Hungerford' Volume 2 p.183 there is an erroneous reference to J248 which should refer to J151.

  • Sources 
    1. [S3778] Probate Abstract archd berks, Recno:7512.
      [Recno:7512 Edesc:will Date: 9 Oct 1550 ]
      [register copy] will of jhon bonny of kintbury dated 21 april 1550
      to mother church of sarum 2d
      to the high alter of kintbury church 2d
      to jone [jane?] my wife 30 sheep of ewes and wethers and 3 kine also her bed with all belonging to it
      to richard my son a bullock or 10s in money
      to jhon hydden son of roger hydden a lamb
      to every one of my godchildren 2d
      to richard my son half a quater of barley and a copper
      the residue to jone my wife and bartylmew my son saving the cart and plow which i will bartylmew to have so that they shall always remain upon the tenement or hold
      executors jane my wife and bartylmewe my son
      witnesses sir elles burthes curate, thomas knight, jhon bonny of west woodhay and jhon cledysdale
      sum inventory 22-12-7d
      probate newbury 9 october 1550 [no original will filed]

      inventory of the goods of john bonny of kintbury taken 12 june 1550 by thomas knyght, thomas strong, john smyth and john bonny
      in the hall
      a table 12d
      a forme 2d
      2 chairs 8d
      a cupboard 20d
      a bord 4d
      a 'poytyd' cloth 6d
      other household effects in the hall, kitchen and pantry
      the cattle
      2 oxen 40s
      3 geldings 20s
      2 mares 10s
      5 kine 3-6s-8d
      4 bullocks 40s
      2 colts 2s
      57 sheeps 6
      19 lambs 10s
      4 hogs and [?]
      6 geese 18d
      7 hens 20d
      3 ducks 6d
      an iron bound cart 10s, a plough with appurtences 3s-4d
      the corn
      7 acres of wheat 28s
      2 acres rye 6s-8d
      2 acres vetchis 4s
      1 acre 'peson' 2s
      8 acres barley 26s-8d
      sum total 22-12-7d

    2. [S4414] Parish Register OR Original, Recno:9146.
      [Recno:9146 bapt Date: 11 Nov 1571 Parish:kintbury ]
      ellenor glydesdale dau of john

    3. [S4414] Parish Register OR Original, Recno:9148.
      [Recno:9148 bapt Date: 4 Mar 1577 Parish:kintbury ]
      wm son of john gledsdall

    4. [S4414] Parish Register OR Original, Recno:9149.
      [Recno:9149 bapt Date: 21 Jun 1579 Parish:kintbury ]
      joan heddinge dau of john heddinge

    5. [S3778] Probate Abstract archd berks, Recno:10503.
      [Recno:10503 Edesc:will inv Date: 8 Oct 1573 ]
      Estate of bartholomew waldron als boney of kintbury
      1) will of bartholomew waldron als boney of kintbury husbandman [probate copy - also in register]
      dated 17 june 1573, sick of body, soul to almighty god and jesus christ my redeemer, to be buried in the churchyard of kintbury
      to the church of sarum 2d
      to the poor mens box of the parish 2d
      to my eldest son john my biggest brazen pot and a dripping pan with a broach
      my eldest son john to go halves with his mother in the plow and cart with their apputenancies, i.e. one yoke of oxen and 3 mares
      my son john to occupy and enjoy the premises at the full age of 23 years
      to my youngest son john my second brass pot
      to my son william my least brass pot
      to my son bartholmew my least pan and one weaning calf and his mother to breed the calf until it is 2 years old
      to my daughter agnes my biggest pan
      to my daughter jone one fforness
      the residue to katherin my wife who is executrix. if she marry she is to put in securities for the payment of the legacies
      overseers: john manx and richard jisset [jesset ?]
      witnesses: john smyth, william curre, richard boney and john hiden with others
      sum inventory: 20-4-4
      probate newbury 8 october 1573, commis to executrix named in the will
      2) inventory
      taken 5 october 1573 by william strong, john shynfyld and thomas hyobes
      in primis for the holle way a table board and a 'blanley' and a form standing
      in the hall 2s
      2 old candlesticks 4d
      3 brass pots, 2 pans, and and old cauldren and a little kettle 13s-4d
      2 pewter platters, 2 pottagers, chafing dishes 2s-6d
      2 tubbs, 'lygyn' barrel, half a dozen pewter dishes, half a dozen trenchers 23d
      a dripping pan 8d
      a pothangle, 1 braoch, 1 little andiron, 1 iron bar, 3 iron weges 6s
      a matale, a shovel, a axe, a bill 2s
      an iron beam, 2 leaden weights 2s-8d
      1 coat, 1 girkin, 1 doublet, 1 pair of hosen 13s-4d
      a flock bed, a bolster, 2 pairs of sheets, a old coverlet 10s
      an old cupboard, a kever, and a trough, 2 old coppers 8d
      7 acres of wheat and rye and maslin 4-13s
      5 acres of barley 55s-4d
      a 'jolle' of hay 6s-8d
      2 oxen 3-10s
      3 mares 3
      1 iron bound cart, a cart line, with 1 piece of cart harness, 2 pieces of plow harness, a yoke and a chain praised the plow and the plow iron 33s
      1 weaning calf 5s-4d
      2 geese, 1 gander 18d
      2 hogs 10s
      sum total 20-4s-4d
      debts owing:
      to: roger fygns 11s-6d
      john fellow 10s
      steven smyth 21s
      thomas hethe 6s
      goodwife wynbolt 3s
      goodwife tomkyns 4s 10d
      to john edyn 8s
      to willyum wyllys 7s
      to anne bony 2 sheep 4s
      to jane bony 2 sheep 4s
      to anne bony 5s for a calf
      to jone bony 5s for a calf
      to john bony the elder 12d
      to bartylimew skarlok14d
      to rychard burton 12d
      to elys smyth 2s
      sum 4-15s-2d
      [no signatures on inventory]

    6. [S3778] Probate Abstract archd berks, Recno:10436.
      [Recno:10436 Edesc:will inv Date: 13 Oct 1575 ]
      Estate of maud smith of kintbury
      1) will of maud smith widow of kintbury dated 2 june 17 eliz [probate copy also in register G]
      sick in body, soul to almighty god and jesus christ my redeemer
      to be buried in kintbury churchyard
      to the mother church of sarum 4d
      to the poor mens box of kintbury 4d
      to john jesset 2 kine, a white pan, a basin of tin, a charger of pewter etc etc
      to jone smith a cow, a broad brimmer platter etc
      to thomas smith 1 great cauldron that is there already
      to mary hore 1 white pan
      to john smith a brass pot that was his grandsires
      to ellen crippes 1 cow, a cauldron of red brass that came for farnborow etc
      to john crippes a brode [broad ?] chest
      to agnes fenor a russet frock etc
      to john jesset a cow
      to maude jesset a cow, a brasspot etc
      to walter jesset a 'tynnen' basin etc
      to richard jesset a cow that he hath already
      to peter jesset a brode pottinger etc
      to elizabeth jesset a platter
      to thomas jesset an old brass pot
      to everyone of my godchildren 4d
      the residue to richard jesset my son who is sole executor
      witnesses: john mawkes, john hidden, richard knight, john morley and others
      probate: newbury 13 october 1575 commision to executor named in the will
      2) inventory: [imperfect] prysed by john mawkes, thomas ____
      household effects and :-
      7 kine 8
      summa totalis 17-0-12

    7. [S4414] Parish Register OR Original, Recno:9145 (Reliability: 3).
      [Recno:9145 bapt Date: 18 Sep 1569 Parish:kintbury ]
      john gleydesdale son of john

    8. [S4414] Parish Register OR Original, Recno:9147 (Reliability: 3).
      [Recno:9147 bapt Date: 12 Mar 1574 Parish:kintbury ]
      dorothie gledsdall dau of john

    9. [S4414] Parish Register OR Original, Recno:9150 (Reliability: 3).
      [Recno:9150 bapt Date: 7 Mar 1588 Parish:kintbury ]
      richard hidden son of john hidden

    10. [S4414] Parish Register OR Original, Recno:9153 (Reliability: 3).
      [Recno:9153 bapt Date: 18 Nov 1595 Parish:kintbury ]
      elizabeth dau of john hidden

    11. [S4414] Parish Register OR Original, Recno:9154 (Reliability: 3).
      [Recno:9154 bapt Date: 18 Feb 1599 Parish:kintbury ]
      1598/9 feb 18 wm son of john hydden. Not in will 1622. Presumed to have died before 1622

    12. [S4397] Book Hiddens of Hungerford Vol 3, Recno:15550 (Reliability: 1).
      [Recno:15550 Yr: 1615 Parish:kintbury ]
      John Hidden has a holding for 3 lives, rent 24s per annum at Holt in the southern part of the parish of Kintbury (known as Kintbury Eaton) Berks R.O. D/EAh/1/4

    13. [S3687] Probate Index archd berks, Recno:5657 (Reliability: 3).
      [Recno:5657 Edesc:will unreg Yr: 1623 ]
      hidden als glidsdale john kintbury

    14. [S3778] Probate Abstract archd berks, Recno:6414 (Reliability: 3).
      [Recno:6414 Edesc:will Date: 3 Oct 1623 ]
      john hidden als glidsdale of kintbury
      To richard hidden son of my son richard hidden 5s and one sheep, and to his other 3 children one sheep each. To john holdway son of robert houldway 5s and one sheep and to his son richard one sheep. To john hidden my son 50s and my apparell excepting my best hose and best jerkin. To richard hidden my son my best bed and all thereunto belonging my wife to have the use of it during her life and 8 paid to him within one year of my decease, and my best chair. To robert houldway 8 and my second best chair. All the rest of my goods and chattells i give to richard hidden my son and robert houldway to be equally divided between them after the decease of margery my wife whom i make my sole executrix and i appoint as overseers richard knight and richard blandy. The mark of john (X) hidden (seal) Wit: wm carter, richard knight, richard blandy, richard porter, peter (X) powse. Dated 1 july 1622
      Probate granted at newbury to the executor named in the will 3 oct 1623
      Inventory taken 25 june 1623 by wm carter, richard knight, richard blandy 52-9-3 .Exhibited at newbury 3 oct 1623 for the executor

    15. [S4414] Parish Register OR Original, Recno:7224.
      [Recno:7224 bur Date: 4 Jun 1623 Parish:kintbury ]
      john hidden was buried

    16. .
      dom before the birth of the first child.

    17. .
      Date of marriage assumed to be before the date of baptism of the eldest child ( Richard, 1588) of this couple.