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51 a widow at time of marriage to john (J389) bee, mary (I3376)
52 A widow in 1717 and mother of Ann the illegitimate d/o Thomas Hidden mavers, mary (I3884)
53 a widow in 1861 hidden, ann barker (I762)
54 A widow when she makes her will in 1807. She is the second wife of Thomas Heading (T086), and her maiden name is also Heading. The marriage took place at East Challow in 1799 which was probably the bride's parish, although this is not stated. She is probably the Mary Heading bapt at East Challow in 1754, so she would have been about 45 years old when she married. A beneficiary in her will is her nephew Thomas Heading son of John Heading of Childrey. Thomas takes over the shop and when he dies in 1823 he leaves a will in which he mentions his aunt Charlotte, and his sisters Mary Groves, Sarah Belcher, Maria Wiltshire and his brother William. This identifies Thomas very positively as the son of John Heading (J397) and Sarah Heading. His mother Sarah is a sister of Mary who is therefore his aunt. Charlotte Heading is a sister of his father and is also his aunt. heading, mary (I2926)
55 a widower when he married in 1872, so must have had a previous marriage Family F246
56 A witness in Hungerford in 1798. Thomas Hidden is a witness to the wedding of Charles Frederick Hidden in 1847. This could be T010 or Thomas (T153) or John Thomas (J027). Cannot be found in Southwark in 1851, although he is known to be living there until his death in 1852. He gives several business addresses over the years in trade directories, all in the vicinity of Borough Road. His last business address is 5 Webber St or 5 Richards Place Webber street. The census for 1851 St George the Martyr, London Road, enum Dist 12 image 10 (folio 38) shows 5 Webber St as uninhabited with a note that it is 'not used as a dwelling but as a factory' There is another 5 Webber St in ED 15 image1 where the family of George Hosegood are living. Thomas's death certificate shows that he died at 88 London Road and that his dau Elizabeth was present when he died. In the 1851 census the house at 88 London Rd is simply omitted. It should lie between 87 and 89 but there is nothing there. The enumerator usually notes when a house is uninhabited. His will gives his address as 5 Richards Place, Webber Street, but the will was made in 1847 hidden, thomas (I725)
57 A witness to the marriage is Caroline's father who makes a mark. Her brother Alfred was a printer and could sign his name. Family F501
58 A witness to the marriage of her brother Thomas in Hungerford in 1801 and her sister Elizabeth in 1804. she married John Hidden in Hungerford in 1804, and went with him to Norwich where he had a shop. In the will of her father, who had died earlier that same year, she was given 100 on the day of her marriage, a further 100 when she was 21(1808), and a further 200 when her mother died (1815). John Hidden set up a hatter's shop in High Holborn sometime between 1804 and 1809 and Hannah's legacy must have been useful in promoting the business. John and Hannah had 4 children while they were living in Holborn. The first child was christened Thomas Winkworth Hidden, no doubt after Hannah's father. He died young but the other 3 children, Charles, born in 1810 and William & Alfred born about 1815, survived. Under the terms of her mother's will she was entitled to a one fifth share of the sale of her father's real estate. This estate we know was worth at least 2500, but we do not know if she actually received the money or if it was used to support the business. John Hidden died in 1817, leaving Hannah with 3 young children to care for. We do not know what became of her in the next few years. She had two sons baptised on the same day at St Giles in the Fields in Holborn in 1820. The father is said to be John Hidden, who we know to have died in 1817. One son is called William (W026), and he is thought to have been born earlier than 1820, so they may be late baptisms. The other son is Alfred (A017). She married Richard Wackerell in 1823. Her eldest surviving son Charles was only 7 years old when his father died. The next that we hear of him is when he marries in Lambeth in 1834. His occupation is chairmaker, so he must have learnt this trade somewhere as an apprentice. The other 2 sons became bootmakers, so they too must have served an apprenticeship, (either formally or informally). winkworth, hannah (I728)
59 A witness to the marriage of her sister Martha in 1792, and the marraige of her sister Elizabeth in 1805. In the will of her mother (dated 1799, proved 1808) heading, ann (I2986)
60 A witness to the marriage of his sister Letitia in 1827. In the 1851 census he is described as a gentleman's butler. hidden, george (I5389)
61 A witness to the marriage was sarah hidden. J064 had no sister called Sarah, and the only close relative was his sister-in-law (S048). Family F266
62 A witness to this marriage is Sarah Trueman who is probably the sister of J524 Family F447
63 A225 is defined as the wife of John Hidden (J243/J147) and mother of James (J16)
The marriage has not been found
It seems quite possible that she is the same as the Ann Hidden (A226)who married in 1757, presuming that John Hiddon had died sometime before 1757. There are no more children of John & Ann bapt in Bishops Cleeve after 1741. Also there are no children of George & Ann Dark bapt in Bishops Cleeve after 1757, which may be because Ann was past child bearing age. There is a burial of Ann wife of George Dark buried in Bishops Cleeve in 1792, who could be A225.
No burial of George Dark has been found but the burial registers were only searched up to 1800.
The child who was buried in Tewkesbury in 1757 is described as the son of Ann Hidden, not as the son of James Hidden, which suggests that James was no longer alive at this date.
ann (I5077)
64 According to Beth Hurd (recno 18590) James was born 19 Jul 1744. This is incorrect. There is a James born in Rehoboth at that date, but it is not this James. (It could be his father) This James was born about 1764. The exact date and where he was born is not known. His burial record (recno 18275) as reported in FindAGrave has a biography attached which gives his dob as 19 Jul 1764. The year is probably correct, but the exact date is suspicious and looks like confusion with the James born in 1744.
According to his daughter Mary Bowen Hidden, James was born in RI, as was her mother Betsey Knowles.
According to Beth Hurd James resided at Walpole, MA during the earlier years of his life, but spent his last years in Provience, RI. The same author gives his children by his first wife as Mary B., Susan married to Samuel Butts, and William. There is a marriage in Providence of Samuel W Butts to Lucy Ann Hidden (recno 18537).
William's birth is recorded in Newport, RI in 1798.
According to Hid.Mem. (p91) James & Betsey lived for a long time at Walpole, and at Providence where they died. They are said to have children Mary B., Susan, & William. This information seems to have been taken from Beth Hurd, who is a dubious source. 
hidden, james (I4314)
65 According to Boyer (p7) he served as clerk in the Eastern frontier Expedition from June 17 to 1 Oct 1754 under Capt. Natan Adams. Soldier in the French & Indian War. Lost his life in the battle of Bloody Creek near Lake George NY 6 Jan 1756. Admons granted to his brother Ebenezer in 1756. His mother Elizabeth refused to act. This indicates that she was his nearest relative and that if he were married, his wife was not then alive. His inventory includes tools which suggest thst he was a carpenter. hidden, jonathan (I4205)
66 According to Creed, Norris FT b. Dec 1837 Wycombe. Census 1851 at High Wycombe, mar 1856 at High Wycombe Sarah Maria Pym. Census 1861 at High Wycombe, Census 1871,81,91,01 at Great Stanmore Middx. Died 1901. Had 4 children. heading, henry (I2030)
67 According to Creed, Norris FT born in 1834 at Wycombe. Census 1851 at Loudwater. marr. Henry Keen at High Wycombe in 1855 heading, jane (I2029)
68 According to D.L. Wilson she is a sister of William Knowles & Mary Bowen, therefore a child of James & Betsey Knowles. The marriage to Samuel Butts is dubious. hidden, susan (I4323)
69 According to Hid. Mem. p11 "Eben was born in Newbury MA 1765; moved with his parents to northern NH and later to Bradford VT where 2 Oct 1794 he married Sarah d/o Joseph & Sarah(Wood) Olmpstead of Newbury VT, an adjacent town to Bradford" [No record of his birth has been found in Newbury or Newburyport] hidden, eben (I4171)
70 According to Hid. Mem.p117 David & Eunice had Enoch & Warren. See also ibid.
p130 for the Guild family history. 
Family F1427
71 According to Holt FT known as Sarah. m. William Henry Gill . He was born 30 Sep 1817 at Clekenwell. Accordin to Creed, Norris etc FT the marr took place at Trinity Marylebone 22ep 1839. The Gill family in censuses 1851-1901. Sarah died in Islington in 1903 heading, sally (I1965)
72 According to the family ( priv comm 6160) he had children Jane, Elizabeth, James, Joseph, Rose, Maud, May & John William. This leaves John Havelock, Lily Miriam & Florence Margaret unaccounted for. Family F1655
73 Administration of his estate granted to his mother Iris Elizabeth(i005) implying that d056 was unmarried and childless.
hidden, david charles (I5452)
74 admitted to the National School in Hungerford in 1827, aged 7, and left in 1832(aged 12). Son of Jesse and Jane Winkworth winkworth, josiah (I1390)
75 Admons to Patricia Mary (p032) as attorney for his mother Gertrude Mary (g022). This implies that he was unmarried and had no children.
hidden, john derek (I5158)
76 Admons with will 1945 heading, daniel (I2066)
77 Adopted child ? Are Henry Clarke & James Clarke the same person? hiddin, james lashley (I3890)
78 Adopted child? Are James & Henry Clarke the same person? hiddin, elizabeth (I3887)
79 adopted d/o augustus frederick (a026)
hidden, lucy jane (I5403)
80 Adtrix of her husband's will 1934. Living in St Albans as a widow in 1939. Probably died in Anglesey in 1973 parry, mabel (I2269)
81 Adult baptism. Probably a freed slave heading, mary (I3880)
82 Age in Census 1881 is one year less than it should be, but this was corrected in the 1891 Census. Probably married in 1900, but the maiden name of his bride does not match with Barnes hidden, thomas (I5878)
83 Aged 28 and living with her parents in Handsworth, Staffs in 1911. Also living with them as a boarder was Harold Hedden. She married Harold in 1914. They do not seem to have had any children. She died in Basingstoke in 1955. lisle, florence (I4986)
84 Aged 9 and living with his parents in Lambourn in 1901. In 1911, aged 19, he is living in Handsworth, Staffs as a boarder with the Lisle family, and employed as a mechanical fitter. He married Florence Lisle a daughter of the family in 1914. No record has been found of his War service, but he evidently survived the war. His wife died in 1955 and he was granted admons of her estate. He was then aged 63 and employed as a Civil Servant. He died in Aldershot in 1968 at the age of 77. hedden, harold brian (I4985)
85 Aged abt 25 at time of her marriage in 1921. No children have been found
Cannot be found in 1939 register. Emigrated with her husband to New Zealand in 1954 
venton, emily louisa (I2264)
86 aka Arabella B Sargeant (see Hid.Mem. p89) sargeant, arabella b (I4722)
87 aka Ebenezer. Moved to Haverhill, NH, but was soon stricken with illness.
died un married 
hidden, william eben (I4249)
88 aka Hattie hidden, harriett greenlief (I4277)
89 aka Henry M. Stevens (recno 18700) stevens, henry m (I4527)
90 aka Henry M. Stevens Jr. stevens, henry m (I4786)
91 aka Jimmy heading, james (I2426)
92 aka procter Family F1447
93 aka Reginald Louis hidden, reginald loonis (I4160)
94 aka Sally Marianda Hidden hidden, sally miranda (I4733)
95 aka Sampta Jane Hidden hidden, serepta jane (I4247)
96 aka William W Webb (recno 18699). Died without issue (Hid. Mem. p118) webb, william hidden (I4790)
97 Alfred originally a merchant seaman, settled in Sydney about 1905 and worked the trans Pacific and Coastal shipping for many years before taking a shore job. His marriage certificate 1908 says his parents were George Bailey , a wheelwright, and Rose Lucas both deceased and that he was born in London.
Alfred had said his mother was Rose Lucas. A search for Rose Bailey ,nil - a search for Rose Lucas ,only a few in all of England but one of them residing less than 100 yards from George and his family. I can find no record of a marriage. Maybe there was just a defacto relationship. In either case I believe she helped raised Alfred from a young age and he looked upon her as his mother. (priv comm 13255)
bailey, alfred william (I1319)
98 Alfred's baptism may have taken place some time after his birth. He married Mary Cochrane a widow in 1842 at St John, Lambeth. They have children born in 1844,1847 and abt 1854. bavin, alfred (I1286)
99 Also has ID J245 (if these two people are the same)
Possibly sponsor 1630 as john clydesdale 
hidden, john (I163)
100 Also k.a. Isobel sybil (I6)

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