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201 Baptised at Inkpen in 1676. In the will of his father in 1688. He married firstly Mary Cooper at Woodcott, Hants in 1706. A daughter Ann was baptised at Burgclere, Hants in 1707, and a daughter Mary at Inkpen in 1710. His wife Mary (nee Cooper) was buried at Inkpen in 1712. He married secondly Mary Rummy of E. Woodhay at East Woodhay in 1717. He was buried at E. Woodhay in 1728. The burial of his wife Mary (nee Rummy) has not been found. hidden, benjamin (I1789)
202 Baptised at Inkpen in 1688, she received a legacy of 8 in the will of her father (1688) and married George Marsh at Inkpen in 1689. George Marsh had a child Ann baptised at Inkpen in 1690 and Jane bapt 1693. There is another child Mary in 1706, but the name of the mother is not given in any instance, so we cannot be sure if she is A085. A George Marsh is buried in Inkpen in 1729, and Ann Marsh, widow in 1756 hidden, ann (I1781)
203 Baptised at Inkpen in 1710 she is the daughter of Benjamin Hidden & Mary (nee Cooper). She is probably the Mary Hidden who married Robert Manning at Andover in 1731. Robert Manning was born in Woodcott, which is the same parish that her mother came from, and it is likely that Mary and Robert knew each other through her mothers relatives in Woodcott.
They have a child Robert baptised in East Woodhay in 1732, who died the following year. The other Mary in E.Woodhay, her step-mother (M162) who became a widow in 1728, would have been too old to have a child in 1732, and therefore cannot be the wife of Robert Manning. 
hidden, mary (I1809)
204 Baptised at Inkpen in 1727 the d/o Thomas & Mary Hidden. A Mary Hidden is the mother of an illegitimate child Martha (M062) bapt in Speen in 1762. It is likely that this is M067 but there is no definite proof that they are the same person. It is also possible that Mary (M067) was the mother of another illegitimate child whose baptism has not been recorded, namely John (J072) who was born about 1761.
Mary married John Mitchell of Hungerford, barber at Hungerford in 1768. A witness to the wedding was Jeremiah Cadman the husband of her sister Ann (A091). She is a beneficiary in the will of her brother William (W070). In the will of William she is described as his sister-in-law. This is puzzling because as far as we know she was a full sister. She is mentione in the same sentence as his two brothers Thomas and James. His other sister Ann (A091) may not be alive at the date of the will, but he leaves a small legacy to her two surviving children. 
hidden, mary (I5290)
205 Baptised at Inkpen in 1728. He was one of the 3 lives in the lease granted in 1750 on his father's holding in Inkpen. He married Elizabeth Pearce of Inkpen in 1760, when his occupation is described as taylor.
They had one child Maria, bapt in 1761, who died a few months later, as did his wife Elizabeth.
hidden, richard (I1823)
206 Baptised at Inkpen in 1730 the daughter of Richard And Mary Hidden (nee Mackerell). She has an illegitimate child Edward bapt at Collingbourne Kingston in 1756, and another illegitimate child, Sarah bapt at Avington in 1761. Sarah was buried at Avington aged 2. Lucy's sister Elizabeth the wife of Joseph Miles was living at Avington at this time. Lucy married Henry Brind at Aldbourne in 1765, and they had two children, William & Jane bapt there. Lucy died in Aldbourne in 1785, and her husband married Ann Neate in Aldbourne the following year. hidden, lucy (I1804)
207 Baptised at Sparsholt in 1753 the son of John & Amelia Heading. He married Sarah Heading (S080) at Oxford in 1782 when he was said to be of East Challow. John & Sarah had children baptised in 1782 at East Challow, in 1783 at West Challow, in 1785 at Stanford-in-the-vale, and 1787,1789,1791 & 1794 at Childrey. In the will of his mother Amelia (dated 1799, proved 1808) he is described as 'of Childrey'. The they then lived in Childrey until the death of Sarah in 1806 and of John in 1816. The age of Sarah at her burial is 53, and this agrees (to within a year) with the date of baptism of S080. John is also buried in Childrey and his age of 63 agrees with agrees with the date of baptism of J397 heading, john (I2925)
208 Baptised at St Margaret Lothbury in 1756 s/o George & Alice Leake. he was the trading partner of Daniel Heading in High Wycombe, and was a witness to his will in 1780. He married Ann Heading at High Wycombe in 1783. They had children Luke 1784, George 1786, William 1789 (d. an infant), John 1789 (d. an infant), John 1795. The last was bapt in London. Luke was buried at St Botolph Aldersgate in 1799. leake, luke (I1872)
209 Baptised at Wickham in 1708. Wickham was a chapelry in the parish of Welford, the parish next to Hampstead Marshall. The register entry for the marriage of Joseph at Welford states that he is of Hampstead. He is the father of an illegitimate child, Elizabeth, in Hampstead Marshall in 1735. The mother is Elizabeth Green. He married Mary Hidden of Inkpen at Weyhill in 1738 by licence. Mary is identified with M159 the daughter of Daniel Hidden bapt in 1717. They have the following children bapt in Hampstead Marshall; Martha 1744, Mary 1746, Joseph 1749. francis, joseph (I1884)
210 Baptised at Wooburn 1783 s/o Daniel & Ann (nee Smith). Listed in the Posse Comitatus in 1798 at Wooburn, occupation carpenter. He was only 15 years old at the time. Married Rebecca Andrew at Wooburn in 1804. Mary Heading was a witness to the marriage. No doubt this was his sister (M423). Had the following children bapt in Wooburn; Elizabeth 1805, William 1807, James 1809, Kezia 1814, Elizabeth 1817, Daniel 1819. Buried in Wooburn in 1857 aged 73. heading, daniel (I1912)
211 Baptised at Wooburn in 1785. A witness to the marriage of her brother Daniel at Wooburn in 1804 heading, mary (I1936)
212 Baptised at Wooburn in 1787. Married William Blacknell at Wooburn in 1808. They had one child (that we know of) bapt not found. heading, elizabeth (I1914)
213 Baptised at Wooburn in 1798 the youngest child of James Heading & Ann (nee Smith). Married firstly Charlotte Chilton at Wooburn in 1819. She was bapt at High Wycombe in 1798 the d/o William & Sarah Chilton. They had 4 children: Sally 1819, Betsy 1822, George 1824, Mary Ann 1827. Charlotte died in 1828, and Samuel married secondly Sarah Durrant(S184) at Wooburn in 1830. Samuel and Sarah had 4 children, the eldest of whom, Mary Ann, was bapt at a Non-conformist chapel in High Wycombe in 1831. Then there was Jane born about 1834, Henry born about 1838 and Sarah born about 1850. The dates of birth of these children are derived from the 1851 census. Sarah (S184) died in 1865 and Samuel died in 1869. heading, samuel (I1922)
214 Baptised E.Woodhay 1690 daughter of James Pickernell. Married Daniel Heading at E.Woodhay in 1716. Children bapt in E.Woodhay; Mary in 1717, Henry in 1719, Elizabeth in 1727, Martha in 1727, James in 1732, and Daniel whose bapt has not been found. She was buried in E.Woodhay in 1735. pickernell, mary (I1814)
215 Baptised in 1831 at a non-conformist chapel in High Wycombe. She married James Anthony in 1849 in the Wycombe Registration District (RGD). In 1851 she was living with her husband and baby son in a house next door to her parents at Loudwater in High Wycombe parish. Her husband was a wheelwright. heading, mary ann (I1924)
216 Baptised in Aldbourne in 1742 the son of Thomas & Jane Brind. He married Lucy in Aldbourne in 1765. Lucy already had an illegitimate son Edward born in 1756, so then aged about 11. Henry and Lucy had two children baptised in Aldbourne; William b.1767, and Jane b.1769. Lucy already had an illegitimate son Edward (b.1756). Lucy was buried in Aldbourne in 1785. After the death of Lucy, Henry married Ann Neate at Aldbourne in 1786. He was buried in Aldbourne in 1814 aged 71. brind, henry (I1835)
217 Baptised in Cliddesden in 1756 the eldest son of Henry Hidden & Ann (nee Dalman). He was aged 25 when his uncle Daniel died in 1781, and received a bequest of 50 in his uncle's will. He was however passed over in favour of his younger brother William for the major bequest of half his uncle's estate. He was earning a living as a carpenter at the time of his marriage in 1782, and he is described as a carpenter in the Buckinghamshire Posse Comitatus of 1798. In 1782, he married Ann Smith at Wooburn. James & Ann have the following children bapt in Wooburn; Daniel 1783, Mary 1785, Elizabeth 1787, Henry 1790, Ann 1793, James 1796, Samuel 1798. He was buried in High Wycombe in 1827 aged 71, which agrees with his birth date of 1756.
heading, james (I1800)
218 Baptised in E.Woodhay in 1743. He married Martha Carter of West Woodhay in E.Woodhay in 1765 by licence. They had a child William whose bapt has not been found, but who was buried in E.Woodhay in 1772. His wife Martha was buried there later in the same year.
He could be the William buried in 1786, but this could also be his father (W088)
heading, william (I1828)
219 Baptised in East Challow in 1758 the son of William & Frances Heading. He was a witness to the marriage of William Badbury & Sarah Bunce at East Challow in 1783. He is said to be of Marsh Farm, Childrey in 1796 (HofHv3). He married Mary Penstone at Stanford-in-the-Vale in 1806 when he is described as of East Challow. Their eldest child Mary was baptised at East Challow in 1807. They had 5 more children from 1809 to 1815 baptised at Childrey. Their youngest child James (J464) was baptised at Faringdon in 1818. J217 is mentioned in the will of his sister Elizabeth (E145) dated 1808, and he is an executor of the will of his brother Thomas (T088) dated 1817.
His wife Mary was baptised at Stanford-in-the-Vale in 1777, and she can be identified with the Mary Heading buried in Faringdon in 1836 aged 61.
He died about 1833 but the burial of James has not been found. 
heading, james (I2929)
220 Baptised in Hungerford in 1756 the eldest child of Thomas & Rebecca Hidden. His father died in 1768 when he was only 12 years old. He married Mary Rashen, from the neighbouring parish of Ramsbury, in Hungerford in 1775 by license. The licence was neccessary because they were both minors, she was 20 years old and he was 19. His occupation is stated to be buttonmaker. Presumably his signature is on the licence bond. Their first child Elizabeth was born 2 months after the wedding. His mother died in 1778 when he was 22. 11 more children were born between 1777 & 1799.
In 1796 he is listed in a directory as a button maker in Hungerford.
in 1804 he is (probably) a witness to the wedding of Elizabeth Winkworth & John Trueman in Hungerford. In 1805 he is (definitely) a witness to the marriage of Robert Johnson & Susan Pierce in Hungerford. His wife Mary is also a witness to this wedding. In both instances he signs his name. He was buried in Hungerford in 1819 at the age of 62. He is listed in the rate books for Hungerford from 1809 - 1816, and is described as the owner & occupier of a house in Sandon Fee. 
hidden, john (I717)
221 Baptised in Inkpen in 1665. The entry is not clear as it has been altered and then crossed out and another version entered. In the will of his father (dated 1687 proved 1695) he is described as the only son. He is to inherit his fathers house and 3 acres in the fields and his copyhold lands after the death of his mother, and is the sole executor. The house and 3 acres are given to him and his heirs for ever, and the implication is that this is freehold property. The records of the manor of Inkpen do not survive before 1732, so we do not know if Richard inherited the copyhold land in the common fields, or if these had been exchanged for the lease on enclosed fields which we hear of later. His marriage has not been found, but his daughters are baptised in Inkpen in 1706 and 1710. He was chuchwarden of Inkpen in 1696, 1715,1719, and 1725, and he signs the Bishop's Transcripts in 1715 and 1725. In 1732 Richard reassigned the lease that he held on two closes of meadow, (total 4 acres) in Inkpen in favour of his daughter Eleanor and her husband John Brown. This lease had originally been granted to Richard's father William (W068) in 1682 by Arabella Gilby, the then lady of the manor, for 99 years or 3 lives, of which R060 was the last still living. A Richard Hidden is a juror at the court of the manor of Inkpen from 1732 to 1736, and from 1737 to 1741. The former entries may refer to either R060 or R058, but after the death of R060 in 1736 the latter must refer to R058. The manor court records the death of Richard Hidden otherwise Clidsdale, a leaseholder of the manor, in 1736 and states that the next taker is John Brown. The common fields of Inkpen were enclosed by private agreement in 1736, but the fields leased by Richard were fields that were already enclosed and not therefore part of the enclosure award (the Richard Hidden that is mentioned is R058). hidden, richard (I1848)
222 Baptised in Inkpen in 1744 the youngest child of Richard & Mary Hidden. She married Jonathan Marchant at Ramsbury in 1771. The following children were bapt in Ramsbury; Mary 1771, Jane 1773, William, Charles. She was buried in Ramsbury in 1785. hidden, harriet (I1796)
223 Baptised in Kintbury in 1596. Although no marriage has been found, and although she must have been only about 17 years old at the time, it is highly likely that she married Robert Holdway. Children of Robert Holdway are baptised in Kintbury in 1613 (Richard) and 1619 (John). These two children are beneficiaries in the will of John Hidden (J151); their bequests are the same as that for Richard (R056), who is explicitly described as his grandson. Probably the 'goodwife Holdway' who was buried in Kintbury in 1666. hidden, elizabeth (I1762)
224 Baptised in Speen the only son and youngest child of William (W013) and Martha. There is a possible marriage for Henry with Ann Relph in Southwark in 1825 when he would have been aged about 17. In 1833 he has a son Henry baptised at St Marylebone parish church when his wife's name is given as Tamar. Another child Louisa died in Sherbourne, Dorset in 1839 aged 2 1/2 years. The name of the mother is not given. Henry is described as a footman. In 1834 Henry is a beneficiary in the will of his father (proved in 1838). In 1841 he is a servant in the employ of Baroness Hirman of Thame Park in Oxfordshire. In 1845 his child Letitia is registered as born in the St George Hanover Square RGD with the informant being his mother Susan Agate. The child died in St geo HS the following year. It is possible that he was required to live elsewhere with his employers. In 1846 his son William was born in St Geo HS, but the next child, Frederick was born in St Marylebone. In 1851 he is living with his wife and children in the Rectory district of St Marylebone. His wife is Susan and his children are William aged 16 & Eliza aged 14. His occupation is not stated. His wife is described as a servant. His age is given as 45 when it is actually 43. The ages give for his children are puzzling because birth certificates establish the dates for their births as 1846 and 1850. At about the time of the 1851 census Susan lost her daughter Eliza and may have been too upset to fill in the form. Closer examination of the form shows that the ages of all the inhabitants were first entered as NK (not known), and this was overwritten by the figures given above.
A Charles Hidden was born in Marylebone RGD in 1853 who is probably another child of Henry & Susan, as a son Charles aged 8 is living with Susan in Marylebone in 1861.
In 1861 Henry is a house porter in the house in Carlton Terrace of Lady De Clifford. At his death in 1871 and at the marriage of his son in 1869 he is described as a butler.
hidden, henry (I5344)
225 Baptised in St Georges in 1837, but born in 1820 - says that his parents are William & Sarah Bavin. This may not be correct, as it is possible that William is his uncle.
In 1841 he says that he is not born in Surrey. His age agrees with a birth date of about 1820.
In 1851 he is unmarried and liviing in Red Cross Street. Living with him are his sister Mary (M446) and his brother-in-law Robert Bavin and their two children. He says that his birth place is Marylebone, which agrees with his 1841 census entry.
Not found after 1851 - may have died. There is an RGI entry for the death of James Bavins in Marylebone in 1861.
His sister Mary says at her marriage that her father is John Bavin, deceased. This may or may not be correct. A suitable John Bavin has not been identified. 
bavin, james (I1700)
226 Baptised in Wantage in 1685 the son of John Hedden als Cledgedale & Jane. He is joint executor of his father's will in 1712, and is bequeathed jointly with his brother John lands in Wantage which his father had obtained by purchase. (Heritable land would descend automatically to his eldest son Thomas). A witness to this will is Richard Shepherd. He married Mary Shepherd at Wantage in 1715. Freeholder 1722. Sole executor of the will of Thomas Winterbourne of Grove (1724) who calls him Will Hedding the elder of Grove, and his cousin. He is described as the elder in order to distinguish him from his son William. Thomas Winterbourne bequeaths all his personal estate, including all his stock and implements of husbandry to William. His real estate is not diposed of, but William is given the use for one year on condition he pays the testators debts. Significantly this will is witnessed by Richard Shepherd.
Joint executor of the will of Richard Hedding of Drayton (1724)
When Richard Shepherd makes his own will in 1728 he does not mention his daughter Mary or his son-in-law William. He does however state that his eldest son is entitled to a moiety of Thomas Winterborne's estate. 
heading, william (I2839)
227 Baptised in Woodcott in 1709. The burial of a Robert Manning later in that year is thought to be that of his father. He married Mary Headen from E. Woodhay in Andover in 1731 by licence. His age and marital status is not given in the marriage allegation. His age is more comparible with that of M120 than with that of her step-mother M162. Further support for this identification is his birth in Woodcott, the same parish as Mary's mother. They have one child, Robert baptised in E.Woodhay in 1732, who died in 1733. Robert Manning was buried in E.Woodhay in 1753. No burial has been found for his wife. manning, robert (I1886)
228 Baptised Inkpen 1726. She is probably the Elizabeth Hidden who married Joseph Miles of Avingdon at Kintbury in 1753. they had 6 children bapt at Avindon between 1754 and 1767. She died there in 1768
hidden, elizabeth (I1791)
229 Baptised privately 1 March 1820 at Speen. In 1841 at home with her parents, unmarried aged 20. In 1843 she married John Porter at Speen by licence. The witnesses are Thomas & Eliza Hidden; these could be either her parents or her brother & sister.
They had a son Walter John Porter born about 1845. In 1851 Walter John was living with his aunt Maria Hidden (M017). She died at Greenham in 1893 and was buried at Speen. There is a memorial to her and to her husband in Speen churchyard. 
hidden, letitia (I5401)
230 Baptised privately in Speen 23 Dec 1814 d/o Thomas (T011) & Elizabeth (E018). Married William Hailes, butcher at Hammersmith in 1840. According to information from the family she died in Ramsgate. hidden, ann (I5368)
231 Baptism not found. From West Woodhay, she married William Heading in E.Woodhay in 1765, by licence. The licence details have not survived. Buried in E.Woodhay in July 1772 a few months after the death of her son William carter, martha (I1815)
232 Baptism not found. Said to be from Burgclere at marriage in 1733 to William Heading in East Woodhay. Children bapt in E.Woodhay: Hannah 1734 (died 1738), William 1742. A Martha Russell was buried in E.Woodhay in 1778 aged 74. She is probably the mother of Joan (J190). The burial of Joan has not been found.
russell, joan (I1801)
233 Bavin - Bavin marriage. Mary is the sister of James Bavin Family F492
234 Beneficiary in the estate of her sister Sarah May Hidden 1965. Living in Coventry at that time (priv comm 6161). In 1911 she was employed as a domestic servant with a family in Coventry, in the same locality as her sister Jane (J058). She married Albert T. Warden in 1928 in Coventry RGD. Born in 1897 he was (in 1911) a machinist in the bicycle manufacturing industry in Coventry. She died in 1974 and Albert died in 1979.
hidden, emily maud (I5138)
235 Benjamin Gosford buried 24 Feb 1799 or 12 Apr 1801 at St Clement gosford, benjamin (I3161)
236 Biography (recno 18690) hidden, otis (I4402)
237 Biography (recno 18698) webb, william henry (I4784)
238 birth has not been found in RGI. If the dates are correct she was born before her parent were married. hidden, margaret (I5872)
239 birth in RGI as Jane Knight b. 1859 in Newbury RGD before the marriage of Charles Hidden & Mary Knight in 1860. Jane married in 1887 Newbury RGD to John Lowis (Lewis?). hidden, jane (I5398)
240 birth not found in RGI hidden, daisy (I5580)
241 birth not found in RGI. No known children hidden, john (I5854)
242 birth or bapt not found.  hidden, alfred (I5371)
243 birth registered as Sarah Hannah Iddon. She evidently preferred to be known as Sarah Ann, as this is how she appears in later records. hidden, sarah hannah (I5805)
244 Birth: Date of birth deduced from a deposition that she was an infant of
less than 5 years when john (J100) died in 1549 
hidden, ursula (I34)
245 Birth: Deduced from his age when at Winchester College in 1558 (if this is
hidden, thomas (I33)
246 Birth: Inferred Date of Birth
Death: Inferred Date of Death
Reference number: J446 
smith, joan (I5037)
247 Birth: Inferred Date of Birth
Death: Inferred Date of Death
Reference number: M315
Misc. event Type: Mentioned
Misc. event Date: 30 APR 1699
Misc. event Place: Hungerford, Berkshire, England
Misc. event Type: Parent
Misc. event Date: 16 SEP 1692
Misc. event Place: Hungerford, Berkshire, England
Misc. event Type: Parent
Misc. event Date: 21 DEC 1693
Misc. event Place: Hungerford, Berkshire, England
Misc. event Type: Parent
Misc. event Date: 8 SEP 1695
Misc. event Place: Hungerford, Berkshire, England
Misc. event Type: Parent
Misc. event Date: 26 JUN 1697
Misc. event Place: Hungerford, Berkshire, England
Misc. event Type: Parent
Misc. event Date: 29 APR 1699
Misc. event Place: Hungerford, Berkshire, England
Misc. event Type: Parent
Misc. event Date: 10 OCT 1700
Misc. event Place: Hungerford, Berkshire, England
Misc. event Type: Parent
Misc. event Date: 8 JUN 1702
Misc. event Place: Hungerford, Berkshire, England
Misc. event Type: Parent
Misc. event Date: 25 FEB 1704
Misc. event Place: Hungerford, Berkshire, England
Misc. event Type: Parent
Misc. event Date: 22 OCT 1705
Misc. event Place: Hungerford, Berkshire, England
Misc. event Type: Parent
Misc. event Date: 12 AUG 1707
Misc. event Place: Hungerford, Berkshire, England 
mary (I5570)
248 born 1920 d/o Willie Horace & Agnes Mary. Correspondence with Norman circa 1972 hidden, lily may (I5539)
249 Born 28 Apr 1849. Bapt 2 Jun 1850 heading, george sutton (I2207)
250 Born about 1703 (from her age 43 in deed of 1746). She married John Brown at Ashe in 1745, when they were both said to be of Overton. John Brown took out a new lease on the Inkpen land on the lives of himself, his wife Alice, then aged 43, and his daughter Mary then aged 8. John Brown died in 1765, according to the jury for the manor of Inkpen, and Alice died in 1772. webb, alice (I1857)

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