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151 Bapt 1802 s/o Andrew & Mary Hall.
Could (just about) be the father (deceased) of Margaret Hall at time of her wedding to William Hidden in 1840 
hall, william (I1656)
152 bapt 1814 s/o James Bradforth carpenter
s/o James Bradforth uphosterer (from marriage cert)
1839 married firstly 1839 Mary Ann Dawe
Witness to the marriage of William Hidden in 1840
Had child Henry by his first wife Mary Ann in Jan 1841
Mary Ann died in mid 1842
1841 living with Margaret Bradforth and his son Henry. Margaret may be a relative, or a mis transcription for mary Ann (his wife). At the same address as William Hidden and son William
1844 married secondly Eliza Hall
1851 living with wife Eliza and sons Henry & James & brother-in-law Edward Hall.
1851 his father? James living with Benjamin Bradforth who may be a brother.
1861 living in St Luke with wife Eliza, son James, 2 daus and neice Eliza Hall aged 10.
1871 living in St Barnabas (part of St luke) with wife Eliza and daus Sarah & Julia. At the same address (his son ?) James & wife Anna & dau Anna
1881 living in Shoreditch with wife Eliza. 
bradforth, henry (I1631)
153 Bapt at Cliddesden 16 May 1761, the d/o Henry & Ann Hidden. She married William Warwick of Tinworth (recte Tunworth - parish lying between Cliddesden & Upton Grey) at Cliddesden in 1782. Her sister Elizabeth was a witness to the marriage. hidden, mary (I1812)
154 Bapt at St Mary, Whitechapel in 1806 d/o Andrew & Mary Hall.
In 1847 she may be the Mary Hall who is the occupier of 30 Mansell Street, or this may be her mother.
In 1851 unmarried, at Mansell Street. head of the family. Her brother Thomas and sister Sarah are staying wih her as visitors. She is a lodging house keeper.
In 1861 she is still at the Mansell Street house with her brother Thomas for whom she is housekeeper, and Hannah Hidden who is described as a visitor.
In 1871 she is no longer at the Mansell Street house and may have died or married. There is a Mary Ann who is the wife of William Henry Chappell, and with whom Hannah Hidden is lodging in 1891, but the maiden name of this Mary Ann is not known. There are several Mary Ann Hall deaths registered in Shoreditch RGD between 1861 & 1871 
hall, mary ann (I1657)
155 Bapt Chilton Foliat 1576 the son of John Heddin (J110). He married at Chilton Foliat Joan Rainold the daughter of Henry Reynolds. Henry Reynolds is on the lay subsidy list at Chilton Foliat in 1598; he is an overseer of the churchwarden's accounts in 1599, and he is allocated a pew in the church in 1603. Subsequently he moved to Minetie in Wiltshire and died there in 1619, leaving a will in which he mentions his daughter Joan Hyding and her 3 children.
Henry is a beneficiary in the will of his father (1623). His wife Joan is buried in Chilton Foliat in 1630, and he is buried there in 1645. 
hidden, henry (I135)
156 Bapt Enborne, Wilts 1638 daughter of John and Joan Slatter. Married William Hidden in London in 1662. They have one child Richard, bapt in Inkpen in 1665, and known to be the only son. Buried at Inkpen in 1709 as Ann Hidden, widow. slaughter, ann (I1845)
157 Bapt in 1676 at Woodcott the daughter of Thomas Cooper of Woodcott.
The first wife of Benjamin Hidden. They married at Woodcott in 1707 and had two daughters, Ann bapt 1707 at Bugclere, and Mary bapt 1710 at Inkpen. Mary(M136) died at Inkpen in 1712. 
cooper, mary (I1811)
158 Bapt in 1771 the dau of John & Amelia Heading. She was the second of their children who was named Mary, but the first Mary (M173) had died in 1767 at the age of 19. Mary (M325) was the first daughter born after the death of M173. She was a witness to the marriage of her neice Elizabeth (E278) in 1805 to Charles Bush, and to the marriage of her sister Elizabeth (E279) also in 1805 to James Mace. She is a beneficiary in the will of her mother Amelia (A117) made in 1799 and proved in 1805. She was apparently unmarried when the will was made.

heading, mary (I2985)
159 Bapt in 1778 at St Mary, Whitechapel. Married Mary Field in 1799 at St Mary, Whitechapel.
Eldest child William bapt in St Sepulchre in 1802. Next 3 children bapt in 1806, 1808, 1811 from Colchester Street, St Mary Whitechapel. Next 3 children bapt in 1814,1816,1819 from Harrow Alley, St Botolph Aldgate, when he is described as a bow string maker.
There is a tax record of Andrew at Harrow Alley in 1820
In 1831 his son Thomas is admitted to the City of London as an apprentice to a bootmaker. Andrew is described as a bow string maker of Harrow Alley.
In 1834 he is on the electoral roll by virtue of a stable at Harrow Alley.
In 1835 & 1837 Andrew is on the electoral roll by reason of his house there.
There are no electoral roll entries for houses in Harrow alley between 1837 and 1855.
His date of death is not known. There is a possible death in Whitechapel RGD in 1846, but the corresponding parish burial has not been found. It is not in St Mary, Whitechapel, which seem to be mostly from the Workhouse. 
hall, andrew (I1654)
160 Bapt in 1798 he married Maria Gilman at Lambourn in 1836. They had three daughters, Maria, Jane Elizabeth & Mary Ann, but no sons. This is made clear from his will (1863). His wife died in 1852, and there is a M.I. to them in Lambourn churchyard. hedden, charles (I4912)
161 Bapt in 1808 d/o Andrew Hall & Mary.
Possibly the Martha Hall who is a witness to the marriage of Margaret Hall & william Hidden in 1840. 
hall, martha (I1661)
162 Bapt in 1837 some 11 years after her birth in 1826. She was said to be of full age when she married in 1846, but was actually only 20 3/4 years old. Like her sister Elizabeth Jane she was married on Christmas day, ( in a different chuch). wakerell, mary (I1306)
163 Bapt in Childrey in 1722 d/o George & Frances Goodwin. Married at Childrey in 1743 (at age 21). William Gooding a witness to the marriage of her eldest dau Martha Bunce in 1768. He is a brother of Frances (F050). Note that another brother has been given the name Robert Bunce Gooding. The M.I. confirms that she died in 1794. gooding, frances (I2911)
164 Bapt in Corse in 1817, she married robert gardner in the extra parochial church of Hempsted in 1837.
Their first two children were born and bapt in Corse in 1838 & 1840. In 1841 and 1851 they were living in Eldersfield, and further children were born there. No bapt has been found for edith(e205). Both emily augusta (e206) and rhoda rebecca were baptised as adults in corse in 1872 (prior to marriage of emily). emily born circa 1853 and rhoda circa 1855.They were living in Llanelly,Carmarthenshire in 1861 and 1871

Mary's husband was alive in 1877 (will of w018) and is almost certainly the robert gardiner who was buried in corse in 1889 aged 74.There is probably a connection between the gardner and bundy families which predates the marriages in 1872 as george and martha bundy are witnesses to the marriage of m059 in 1837. Robert Gardner and George Bundy were both (stone) masons. The gardner and bundy families in corse go back to at least 1763. The bundy/gardner connection is the marriage of george bundy & martha gardner in Corse in 1821.

hidden, mary ann (I5112)
165 Bapt in Faringdon in 1818, the son of James & Mary Heading. His baptism in 1818 is the first record of a Heading in Faringdon. He married Ann Laggett at Faringdon in 1843 by licence.Two years before his marriage John Heading aged 27 is buried there in 1841, and William Heading aged 31 is buried there in 1842. The date of birth of John is 1814, and that of William is 1811. It is assumed that all three are brothers. John & William Heading the sons of James & Mary Heading were baptised in Childrey in 1815 & 1811 respectively. It is assumed therefore that they can be identified as the John & William buried in Faringdon. It folllows that the family moved from Childrey to Faringdon about 1818, where James was baptised.  heading, james (I3025)
166 Bapt in Hungerford in 1723 the eldest child of Jonathan & Mary Hidden. We hear nothing of him in Hungerford until 1753 when he acts as administrator of his father's estate. In 1754 he is the complainant in a Chancery case involving property in Hungeford brought against his brother Thomas. From 1758 to 1776 he signs the Constable's accounts. In 1760 he makes the presentment of the jury to the Hocktide court, and from 1763 to 1777 he fulfills the office of searcher & sealer of leather. He married Mary Criswick in Hungerford in 1769 by licence. His signature is distinctive and appears on several documents. It seems unlikely that he is the same person who married Susannah Guy in St Georges Hanover Square in 1761, but as this marriage is signed by the groom a comparison of signatures is possible. hidden, john (I711)
167 Bapt Inkpen 6 Apr 1706 d/o George Marsh. Married Thomas Hidden 6 Nov 1726 at Newbury by licence. The licence says she is a spinster and of Newbury, but the Newbury parish register says that she is of Inkpen. They have children bapts in Inkpen from 1727 to 1744. M114 may be the Mary Hidden, widow buried in Kintbury in 1774, but this is uncertain. marsh, mary (I5291)
168 bapt not found hidden, margaret (I67)
169 bapt not found hidden, alice (I61)
170 bapt not found hence parents not certain hidden, edward (I194)
171 Bapt not found hence parents not certain. See FG15 hidden, charles (I204)
172 bapt not found, probably in N.Tidworth. Of N. Tidworth in 1741 hence her parents were probably still there at that date. heading, susannah (I5052)
173 bapt not found.  hidden, joan (I662)
174 bapt not found. in will 1632,1637 hidden, jane (I69)
175 bapt not found. Known from will of Daniel Heading (D065) who refers to her as his neice, d/o his brother Henry. Witness to the marriage of her sister Mary in Cliddesden in 1782. She married Abraham Wooton in High Wycombe in 1787. hidden, elizabeth (I1905)
176 Bapt not found. Not certainly a child of Thomas (T39), but probably so.

hidden, marjory (I83)
177 Bapt not found. Of Collingbourne Kingston, Wilts at time of her marriage. Has two brothers Thomas and Edward mentioned in the will of R077. shepherd, mary (I5041)
178 Bapt not found. Possibly buried in St martins 1826, but dob is suspicious. headden, robert (I5048)
179 bapt not found. Probably a child of james (j068). Described at burial as a child so cannot have been born before about 1750. hidden, elizabeth (I5304)
180 bapt not found. probably in N. Tidworth. Of Broughton at the date of his marriage in 1742. Described at his burial as Mr. Robert Hedding, surgeon. heading, robert (I5047)
181 Bapt not found; may be in N.Tidworth (John Holloway living there in 1757?). beneficiary in will of her grand-mother Susanna Edwards (S169) dated 1757 and proved 1760 holloway, hester (I5064)
182 bapt recorded as Hedden hidden, robert (I4884)
183 bapt recorded as Hedden hidden, william (I4883)
184 Bapt the same day as his brother William. The dates of birth of children bapt by this minister are not given, so there is no way of knowing if they were twins, or indeed if they are the children of the deceased John Hidden. The bapt entry has the additional letters NKH in the column for the abode of the mother. This probably stands for "not known here". It appears for some other baptisms by the same minister, and many, but not all, of these are bapts of illegitimate children.
Seems to have been known as Alfred Hiden. His son Alfred who died in 1847 was buried from Cromer street which is where his brother William was living in 1841. 
hiden, alfred (I1451)
185 bapt twice. In 1841, aged 11, he was living with his grandparents. Where was he in 1851?
hidden, george (I5388)
186 Baptised 1679 at East Woodhay the daughter of Nathaniel Rummy of E. Woodhay. The second wife of Benjamin (B007). Married in 1717
They do not seem to have had any children. Benjamin died in 1728.
The burial of Mary has not been found. There is a marriage of Mary Headen from E. Woodhay in 1731, but it is thought that this is more likely to be her step-daughter M120 
rummy, mary (I1816)
187 Baptised at Alton in 1791 d/o James & Sarah Heading (nee Raggett). A witness to the marriage of her sister Mary in 1816. Married James Quinn at Basingstoke in 1821 by licence. heading, harriet (I1858)
188 Baptised at Basingstoke 1794 d/o James Heading & Sarah (nee Raggett).
Married William Paice at Basingstoke in 1818 by licence. As Mary Paice she is a witness to the wedding of her sister Harriet in 1821. Her husband William Paice is also a witness. 
heading, mary (I1861)
189 Baptised at Basingstoke in 1768 he was the son of James & Sarah Heading (nee Stocker). he was a beneficiary in the will (1783) of his uncle Daniel (D065). He was to be given 20 at the age of 21 (i.e in 1789). He married Sarah Raggett at Basingstoke in 1790 by licence. He was then a bachelor and shoe maker by trade living in Alton, a market town about 10 miles from Basingstoke. They had two children; Harriet bapt in Alton in 1791, and Mary bapt in Basingstoke in 1794. He was buried in Basingstoke in 1820 heading, james (I1860)
190 Baptised at Cliddesden 1758 the d/o Henry Hidden & Ann (nee Dalman)
Married Luke Leake at High Wycombe in 1783. Had the following children (priv comm); Luke 1784,George 1786, William 1789, John 1789, John 1795. These were all bapt in England, Luke & George at High Wycombe, John2 in London. William and John1 who both died in infancy are known about from information from the family (priv comm).
Luke was a witness to the will of Daniel Heading (D065) in 1780 and the trading partner of his nephew William Heading (W080) from 1783 to about 1787. The family then moved to London, and Ann's husband (L102) was buried there in 1799.
Ann emigrated to Australia 1829/30 with sons Luke (L103) and George (G112). Both sons had a distinguished career in Australia. Ann died in Perth in 1836 aged about 78. 
hidden, ann (I1786)
191 Baptised at Cliddesden in 1760 s/o Henry & Ann Hidden. Throughout his life he was known as William Heading (not Hidden). He inherited half of the grocery business from his uncle Daniel in 1781 and went into partnership with his brother-in-law Luke Leake, who presumably bought out the other half, which had been left to the young James Heading (J444). The patrnership lasted until about 1787 when Luke moved to London. he married Elizabeth Eedes at High Wycombe in 1787, and they had two children bapt there; William 1792, and Elizabeth 1793. His wife Elizabeth died in 1793. William carried on the business as a sole trader until about 1798, when he must have retired. He was buried in High Wycome in 1804. heading, william (I1920)
192 Baptised at East Challow in 1752 the daughter of William & Frances Heading.
She married her first cousin John Heading of sparsholt (J397) at Oxford in Jan 1782. their first child was baptised at East Challow in Apr 1782 
heading, sarah (I2924)
193 Baptised at East Woodhay in 1717 the daughter of Daniel Heading & Mary (nee Pickernell). It is likely that she married Joseph Francis at Weyhill in 1738 by licence. The entry in the parish register tells us that Mary comes from the parish of "Inkpin Co. Southants". This is ambiguous as Inkpen is in Berkshire, but the neighbouring parish of East Woodhay, where she might have come from, is in Hampshire. Although it describes Joseph as a batchelor, it does not state that Mary is a spinster. Unfortunately the licence allegation has not survived.
Nothing more is known of Mary or Joseph 
heading, mary (I1813)
194 Baptised at East Woodhay in 1727 she was the daughter of Daniel Heading & Mary (nee Pickernell). She married William King at Enborne in 1755 by licence. The allegation for the marriage has not survived. Their children bapt in Enborne are: Thomas 1756, Elizabeth 1757, Martha 1759, Richard 1760. She is mentioned in the will of her brother Daniel Heading of High Wycombe (D065)in 1780, as his 'late sister'. Her three children are bequeathed money when they reach the age of 21.
The Enborne register gives only the minimum amount of information so it is difficult to be certain about to whom the burial entries refer. Hopefully the minister spent the time he saved on record keeping in attending to the spiritual needs of his flock.
Martha was probably buried at Enborne in April 1763, after the birth of another child, Mary, who was buried in January 1763. The register has the name of the mother of this child as Mary, but this is almost certainly an error for Martha. Her husband married for a second time in 1764.
It seems likely that the two burials in 1768 refer to Richard & Elizabeth, the children of Martha. Also that in 1773 to her husband William, and that in 1796 to her son Thomas.
heading, martha (I1830)
195 Baptised at East Woodhay in 1732. Assumed to be the James Heading who married Sarah Stocker at Eastrop in 1766. He is a bachelor and is said to be 'of Basingstoke'. Eastrop is a parish adjacent to Basingstoke. They have a son James bapt at Basingstoke in 1768. The land tax for Basingstoke has an entry for James Heading senr as the owner & occupier of a house from 1800 to his death in 1804. After 1804 the same house is owned by his son James Heading (J444) & occupied by widow Heading (S092) until 1811. Sarah (S092) died in 1817 aged 86. From 1811 the house is owned & occupied by James himself until 1821 when he died. From 1822 there are 3 houses, one of which is owned by widow Heading until 1828. After this they are owned by James Quinn or William Paice. As the last reference to widow Heading (S167) is in 1828, it is probable that she died at around this date.  heading, james (I1859)
196 Baptised at Hinton Waldrist in 1810 the daughter of John & Harriet Laggett. She married William Heading in 1834 at Buckland. Her husband died in 1842 at the age of 33. There was a fire at her farm in 1843 which was reported in the local newspaper. Her younger sister Ann married James Heading (J464) in 1843. By the time of the census in 1851 she was a widow living with her sister Ann & James (J464). laggett, harriet (I3065)
197 Baptised at Inkpen in 1670, she was given a legacy of 8 in the will of her father in 1688. She married William Guyer at Hungerford in 1698. They had children Susanna, Ann, William,Roger and Richard baptised in Hungerford between 1698 & 1710. An unnamed son was bapt at Wickham in 1707. Later they moved to Great Shefford and William was buried there in 1735 and Ann in 1748. hidden, abigail (I1782)
198 Baptised at Inkpen in 1671. He was given a legacy of 8 in his father's will, payable after the death of his mother Ann (1702). He married firstly Elizabeth Pocock at East Woodhay in 1707. Elizabeth died in 1715, and Daniel married again in September 1716. There are no baptisms recorded of children of Daniel & Elizabeth. However it is possible that they had a son William (W088) whose baptism was not recorded. The reason for thinking this is that an otherwise unidentified William married in E Woodhay in 1732, and continued to live there.
Daniel married secondly Mary Pickernell (M160) who can probably be identified with Mary the daughter of James Pickernel bapt at E Woodhay in 1690. They had 5 children bapt in E Woodhay between 1717 & 1732. Daniel's wife Mary was buried in E Woodhay in 1735, and Daniel himself was buried there in 1750 
hidden, daniel (I1790)
199 Baptised at Inkpen in 1673. Given 8 in her father's will (1688), which was payable after the death of her mother Ann (1702). Nothing more known. hidden, mary (I1806)
200 Baptised at Inkpen in 1674 the son of Richard (R056) and Anne (A087). He is named as the son of R056 in the latter's will (1688). He married Ann Stratton at Hungerford in January 1705 by licence. On her marriage Ann was entitled to receive one third of her father's estate. In February 1705 Henry agreed with the administrator, William Stratton, the brother of the deceased, to manage the whole of the estate and to repay two thirds of the estate to the other children when they came of age or married. In 1705 Henry was churchwarden for Inkpen and in 1710 a daughter Ann was baptised in Inkpen. In 1712 Henry was the plaintiff in a dispute with Richard Twitchin, gent regarding the lease of a farm of 140 acres in Inkpen, which had been agreed in 1709. Henry had taken possession of the farm and stocked it, but now his landlord had repudiated the lease which was not in Henry's possession. The outcome of the case is not known. Henry is again churchwarden for Inkpen in 1716. In 1722 a Chancery suit is brought against Henry and Ann his wife on behalf of Elizabeth Stratton, now married to William Kember, and her brother Richard. They claim that Henry owes about 200 to the estate on bond. In addition he is now required to hand over two thirds of the estate. In 1724 Henry was again the plaintiff in a Chancery suit brought against his landlord William James of Denford regarding the lease of a farm in Denford. In 1719 a lease had been agreed between Henry and Francis James the father of William, but was not signed by Francis, who died shortly after. Henry entered the premises and paid the rent, of 100 a year, for two years, but by October 1721 was in arrears. It is apparent that Henry is being threatened with eviction, and asks the court to confirm his right to the lease of the premises. The outcome is not known. From 1733 (when the surviving records commence) to 1743 Henry is listed as a juror at the Inkpen manor court, but this does not neccessarily imply that he was living in Inkpen. In 1736 he is awarded a small plot (about three quarters of an acre) of land in compensation for his entitlement in the common fields which are to be enclosed by a private agreement. He is described as Henry Hidden of Lambourn, yeoman. There is evidence that he had lived in Lambourn from 1730 until 1734 as the servant of Mr Thomas Garrard. This is from his deposition in 1737 in a Chancery case involving payment of tithes in Lambourn. At the time of his deposition he was living in [Bishops] Cleeve in Gloucestershire. The parish register of Bishops Cleeve records the burial of Henry Hidden of Gotherington, (a hamlet of Bishops Cleeve), in 1752. There is no record there of the burial of his wife Ann. hidden, henry (I1795)

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