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101 Also known as Eben. Mentiond in the will of Ephraim Nelson 1761. Selectman Boscawen 1773 & Committee of Safety 1776. Moderator & Town Clerk 1782 & 1785 (Boyer). Ebenezer & his wife in the census of 1800 at Boscawen (Boyer). Living next door to Ebenezer in Boscawen is his son Jeremiah. Ebenezer is not in Boscawen in 1810, and a newspaper report of 1803 records him as having died intestate and insolvent, late of Groton. It is likely that after 1800 Ebenezer went to live with his daughter Mehitable who in 1785 had married James Abbott of Groton. Presumably he died in Groton but we have not found a record of his death there. hidden, ebenezer (I4203)
102 Also known as Eveline. Born in 1897 the daughter of William Bazely, a police constable, living in Hammersmith in 1901. Married Joseph Hidden in 1924 in the Staines RGD. Her mother was born in India and she travelled there in 1928 and 1938 under her maiden name. She died in Fulham RCG 1982. There are 2 entries of her death in the RGI for the same date under the names of Mary Agnes and Eveline Hidden. bazely, mary agnes (I5169)
103 also known as Helen Louisa or Louisa young, ellen louisa (I2170)
104 also known as Jane. Born about 1826 but her baptism has not been found. As her siblings were all baptised late, but she was not living with them at the time, it is likely that she was never baptised.
In 1841 she was living with her parents aged 15+
She married Robert Fox in 1845 at St John, Lambeth.
In 1851 she was living with her husband, who was a master baker, in Union St, Southwark. They are definitely not there in 1861.
Despite all efforts she cannot be found in the 1861 census.
She was a widow in 1871, living with her mother Sarah in Market St, Southwark 
bavin, pleasant (I1279)
105 Also known as Lulu. Thought to have died without issue gardner, louisa (I4525)
106 also known as Nancy hidden, annie jane (I1196)
107 An apprentice aged 15 in 1851 heading, henry (I2108)
108 An Elizabeth Hunt married in 1784 at Thatcham Richard Rogers of Kingsclere by licence hunt, elizabeth (I5584)
109 an unknown father is assumed to exist Family F1460
110 Ancestry.com. English Settlers in Barbados, 1637-1800 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2007.
Original data: Joanne McRee Sanders. Barbados Records: Baptisms, 1637-1800. Baltimore, MD, USA: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1984.Joanne McRee Sanders. Barbados Records: Marriages, 1643-1800. Vols. 1-2. Baltimore, MD, USA: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1982.Joanne McRee Sanders. Barbados Records: Wills, 1639-1725. Vols. 1-3. Baltimore, MD, USA: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1979-1981.
Source Description
This database contains three volumes of Barbados church records (baptisms and marriages) as well as three volumes of probate records (wills and administrations). Approximately 200,000 individuals are referenced within these preeminent works on Barbados genealogical source records. Information available for each entry will vary according to record type. 
Source (S9034)
111 Ann (A220) could be the daughter of John(J243/J147) and Ann (A225). No bapt has been found for her, but she could have been born in another parish, sometime in the 1730s. This would be consistent with the existence of a sister of Mary (M213) also born in another parish about 1730. She would then be identified with Ann Hidden who married George Dark in 1757 and the wife of George Dark buried in Bishops Cleeve in 1792.
A different interpretation is possible in which A220 is not the daughter of John Hidden (J243/J147) but his wife i.e the same as A225. On this interpretation John (J243/J147) died some time before 1757, and his wife subsequently married George Dark in 1757. The burial in 1792 could still refer to her if she had been born about, say 1715, married about 1733, and her child Mary (M213) was born about 1734. The burial of Richard Hidden as the son of Ann Hidden in 1757 strongly suggests that her husband was not alive then.
The churchwardens accounts for Bishops Cleeve record small sums of money paid to Ann Dark in 1761 and 1763. What service she provided is not stated, but one entry is payment in association with the midwife. A220 may not be the only Ann Dark in the parish, as there is the bapt of Anne d/o John Dark & Anne his wife in 1741, and the burial of John Dark the son of John and Anne Dark in 1751. 
hidden, ann (I5076)
112 Ann Gosford bur 25 Oct 1745 also Ann Gosford bur 5 Jul 1746 at St Clement clidgdale, ann (I2859)
113 Ann may be a cousin, as William's mother was an Eedes. Possibly another son George (G125) born in Chesham about 1850 (from Census 1881) Family F646
114 Ann seems not to have married. She ran a school for young ladies in Clerkenwell between 1856 and 1865 which was advertised in the London trade directories. hidden, ann (I5370)
115 Ann was baptised in Cliddesden in 1736 the daughter of William & Anne Dalman. She witnessed the marriage of William Brown & Sarah Jefferies at Cliddesden in 1755 when she signed her name. Henry & Ann had a son James bapt in Cliddesden 6 Sep 1756, shortly before she married Henry on 14 Sep 1756. Their other children bapt in Cliddesden were; Ann 1758, William 1760, Mary 1761 & Elizabeth about 1763. The burial of A107 has not been found in Cliddesden, but in High Wycombe in 1826. The age of 89 recorded at her burial corresponds well with the date of her bapt in 1736. It is likely that she went to live with one of her children who were already living in the High Wycombe area after her husband Henry died in 1795.
Her ability to sign her name is unusual for a woman of the period apart from a comparatively small number coming from a privileged background 
dalman, ann (I1843)
116 Anne may have died before 1840. There is a Joseph Bowler who married Elizabeth Young in 1840. Joseph & Elizabeth Bowler are in the 1841 census in High Wycombe parish, aged 25 with a son Charles aged 6. He is presumed to be a child of Anne. heading, anne (I2198)
117 another martha plater has a child of richard hiden in 1829 !!
plater, martha (I5465)
118 Appears to be married to Agnes from the Australian Electoral rolls, but the marriage (which must have been before 1918) has not been found. It could have been in Hong Kong where Stanley is said to have emigrated in 1911. Family F476
119 Appears to have been a local girl from Castlemorton. She married William Hidden (W002) in the 4th quarter of 1859. Their only child John Lucknow was registered in the 3rd quarter of 1859 apparently. She died in August of the following year at the age of 23. Her child was brought up by his grandparents, John and Harriet Hidden carpenter, fanny jemima (I5104)
120 appears to have married his cousin heading, charles e (I2080)
121 Appointed executrix in will of Arthur Tom Hedden in 1958, but admons granted to Lloyds Bank in 1963 hinde, mary (I4989)
122 apprentice 1612 hidden, robert (I251)
123 Apprenticed to Richard Hopgood or Habgood
Reference number: J148
Misc. event Type: Mentioned
Misc. event Date: 11 AUG 1718
Misc. event Place: Hungerford, Berkshire, England
Misc. event Type: Mentioned
Misc. event Date: 1664
Misc. event Place: Hungerford, Berkshire, England 
hidden, james (I5566)
124 Apprenticed to Robert Lewin grocer of Chesham by 1851. He married Thirza Gutteridge in Hemel Hempstead in 1854. By 1855 he had moved to New York, and had children born there in 1855, 1858 and 1862. He is in the USA census in 1860. By 1864 he was back in the UK and had children born in Redbourne, Herts in 1864, 1866 and 1869. By 1871 he had moved to St Albans and was working as an accountant. He had children born there in 1872 and 1877. heading, robert armstrong (I2203)
125 archibald charles is not at home in the 1901 census. He may have been at boarding school etc Family F346
126 Are there two Johns, one in Newbury and one in Newburyport ? Children of the same name are born/bapt in both places but a different dates. hidden, john (I4599)
127 Army National service 2nd lieut 1959, Army reserve lieutenant 1960, barrister in 1961, QC in 1989. high court judge
See also a242
Elec Roll 2013 Address:104 West Hill, Putney, London 2007,2008,2009,2013 Age Guide: 56-60 [??]

hidden, anthony brian (I5129)
128 Arrived in Australia on board the Atwick on 19 Oct 1829 in the company of her uncle Luke & his wife. She married Richard McBride Broun in 1837 leake, ann elizabeth (I1998)
129 As he has a young child alive in 1550 he could be aged about 30 at that time, and therefore born about 1520, but a wide variation in the estimate of his date of birth is possible. hidden, roger (I1774)
130 Assumed to be a brother of Warren from his dob. Not mentioned in the will of his father Enoch, dated 1872, and presumed to have died before then. In the 1870 census. hidden, nicholas (I4836)
131 assumed to be a son of john (j107) but it has not been possible to confirm this hidden, john (I2)
132 Assumed to be a wife, but could be a sister etc pamela j (I1496)
133 Assumed to be the Ann buried in 1694. Her baptism has not been found but there is a gap in the series of baptisms which are recorded for the parents in the parish of St. Giles, Oxford clidgdell, ann (I3308)
134 Assumed to be the first wife of J151
joan (I1768)
135 Assumed to be the same Ann who married John Hiding in 1751 thorne, ann (I3858)
136 Assumed to be the Thomas Watts baptised in Hungerford, as the date nearly matches his age. A widower at his marriage with Henrietta. Died between Mar 1841 & Henrietta's 2nd marriage in 1849. Most probably in Sept 1841. Vasall Rd is his address in 1841 and this is in Camberwell, which at that time was part of the parish of Lambeth. But the PCC will of Thomas Watts (1845) of Camberwell is not him. His occupation at his marriage in 1837 is 'esquire' which presumably means that he is retired. His father is described as a 'limner' which means an illustrator of books or a painter or drawer. He gives his exact age of 64 in the census of 1841, not a rounded down figure. This makes his date of birth 1777. He was not born in the county of Surrey. There is a reference to Watts & son carpenters & builders Horseferry Rd, Westminster in an 1813 trade directory.There are later references to Thomas Watts in trade directories, and some of these could relate to a possible son of the older Thomas Watts. In 1851 Thomas Watts is part of the firm of Perrott, Watts and Perrott, who are calenderers. This trade involves pressing thin sheets of cloth or paper between heavy rollers to give it a glaze or sheen. From 1838 to 1858 Thomas Watts is listed as a builder in Mayfair, at 2 South St, Grosvenor Square. In 1857 he gives an address at 30 Mount St which is adjacent to South St. In 1858 he also gives an address at Portdown Rd Maida Vale. In the 1841 census Thomas Watts builder is residing at 2 South St. aged 35 with Jane Watts aged 25 who is presumably his wife. In the 1851 census 2 South St is occupied only by a housekeeper.
from 1859 to 1868 John Hidden builder is a partner in the firm of Watts & Hidden, 2 South St. Grosvenor Sq. From 1871 to 1872 John Hidden is the only person trading at that address, then from 1873 to 1875 the firm is called Hidden & Stoner. After this there are no more references to the firm. 
watts, thomas (I750)
137 Assumed to have died as another john hidden is bapt the following year hidden, john (I55)
138 At her marriage in 1715 she was said to be of the parish of N. Tidworth. When she died in 1760 she was living in Broughton, probably with her son Robert, but she was buried in Over Wallop with her husband.  edwards, susanna (I5054)
139 At her marriage she is said to be of Hungerford. She is probably the Mary Mackerell bapt in Hungerford 4 Feb 1697/8 the daughter of John and Ann Mackerell. She married Richard Hidden at Thatcham in 1724. There is no mention of a licence, and this was not essential before 1754, although neither bride or groom were from Thatcham. They have children baptised in Inkpen as follows:William 1724, Elizabeth 1726, Richard 1728, Lucy 1730, Joseph 1734 d. 1735, John 1736 d.1736, Joel 1737 d.1739, Maria 1741, Harriet 1744. Mary was buried in Inkpen in 1777 as Mary Hidden, widow. mackerell, mary (I1807)
140 At marriage she says that her father is Robert John Heading, but this cannot be R219 who was born in 1864 and is her brother.  heading, mary ann (I2320)
141 At the time of the marriage James was living at Speen, the bride's parish was Kintbury. One of the witnesses was Hannah Walker who may have been the bride's sister. Family F1695
142 Aus Elec rolls 1930-37 as Richard Frederick, 1943 Reid NSW, 1949-63 Blaxland NSW, 1980 Reid NSW hidden, harold lindsey (I833)
143 Aus Elec Rolls: (as Eileen Frances)1933-37 as Richard Frederick, then 1943-54 East Sydney, 1958-1980 Wentworth NSW hidden, frances eileen (I832)
144 Aus Elec Rolls: 1930-49 as George Thomas knowlden, clara (I838)
145 Aus Elec Rolls: 1930-80 Wentworth NSW. hidden, francis charles (I819)
146 Aus Elec Rolls: 1936-80 as Francis Charles trefle, kathleen mary (I820)
147 Aus Elec Rolls: as Harold Lindsey 1943-80 ward, verona (I834)
148 Aus elec Rolls: as Richard Frederick to 1949, then 1954-63 Cunningham NSW,1968 Hughes NSW evans, hilda e e (I818)
149 Bapised at E.Woodhay in 1719, the son of Daniel Heading and Mary (Nee Pickernell). He married Ann Dalman of Cliddesden at Cliddesden in 1756. He was described as Henry Hidden a bachelor of the parish of Upton Grey.
(By this time the normal form of the surname being used by the family was Heading).The couple had children bapt in Cliddesden as follows; James 1756, Ann 1758, Wil 1760, Mary 1761. In 1783 he is mentioned in the will of his brother Daniel Heading of High Wycombe. Also beneficiaries in the will are Henry's children, James, William, Ann, Mary & Elizabeth. In 1785 Henry was a witness to the marriage of John Loader & Martha White at Newnham, a parish not far from Cliddesden. He witnesses with a mark. He was buried in Cliddesden as Henry Hedding in 1795.
hidden, henry (I1797)
150 Bapt 1776 in Speen d/o James (j068) & Mary Hiddin.
In 1798 she was a witness to the wedding of her brother William in Kintbury to Martha Waight (or White?). She is mentioned in the will of her half sister Hannah (H029) in 1834 when she was alive and unmarried.
In 1851 she was living in Stokenchurch with Richard & Ann Holmes and family, Richard being her nephew. She died in 1858 at Stokenchurch, the informant being Jane Wight.

hidden, letitia (I5308)

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