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Hidden/Heading/Hedden/Hudden/Kightley Family Trees

Welcome to the Hidden Family History and One Name Study site

Welcome to the Hidden Family History and One Name Study site.

There are a number of separate family trees on this site.

Go to Advanced Search at the top of the left hand panel in order to select a tree. To view a list of all the people in this tree leave both the 'First name' and 'Last Name' sections blank and click on 'Search'. If no tree is selected then the default tree is Hungerford2. If a person on the list is selected then this will bring up information about him, which may be displayed in various ways.

Separate trees have been created for the Hiddens when the origin of the head of the tree is unknown or uncertain. Individual trees have also been created for some variants of the Hidden surname (Heading, Hedden, Hudden, Hiddin). The Kightley tree is that of my mother's paternal line.

For further information about the different trees see the Feature Article entitled "Trees" in the panel on the right hand side of the Home page.

There is no need to login to the site as this is only required for administration.

The web space for this site has been made available by the Guild of One Name Studies as part if its programme to support and preserve the research of its members. For more information about the Guild see their website at www.one-name.org .

The use of DNA testing has become an increasingly important tool in genealogy, and a Hidden DNA project has been set up to assist with this. Currently a number of Hidden/Headings have been tested, and its value in complimenting conventional genealogy is increasing as more test results are added. Spectacular success can be obtained with this technology in making links between branches where documentary evidence is missing.

We wish to encourage as many Hiddens as possible to join the DNA project. For more information see www.familytreedna.com/public/Hidden .

Feature Articles

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